Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

Whether it's a Birthday gift or Christmas, or just a little something to say 'I Love You', there's plenty of gifts to choose from when searching for a 6 year old girl.
Whether it's a Birthday gift or Christmas, or just a little something to say 'I Love You', there's plenty of gif... Read More

Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

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Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

Your six year old girl reminds you of you when you were a wee child. She’s funny and cheeky and loves playtime. Buying the perfect gift for her Birthday, for Christmas, Easter or to celebrate an achievement at school, in sport or other activities can be tricky, as kids’ interests these days are very different from back in the day! If you’d like their gift to be a complete surprise, asking your six year old girl what she likes isn’t an option. So the best way to figure out what she’ll like best is to consider what being six years old means for her development, her personality and her overall view of the world.

Your six year old girl’s emotional awareness is evolving. She’s somewhat confident and secure, but needs support and encouragement from her parents and those she trusts, as her confidence can sometimes wane.

She enjoys telling stories about herself and sharing her achievements with friends and family members. She’ll be curious about what kinds of actions people appreciate, and what kinds of things result in hurt feelings. Six year old girls tend to see things in black and white, as this helps them categorise their world and understand the way everything works. Your six year old girl will have a strong preference for things going her way, and there is likely a fuss made if she hears the word ‘No’.

Your six year old girl may begin valuing her privacy, so you might find she’ll take issue with anyone going into her room without her permission.

Routine is extremely important for a six year old girl. It enables her to feel safe, ordered and comfortable in the knowledge that most of what goes on in her day-to-day is expected.

Regular exercise and time outdoors away from screens is ever-so-important. Get your six year old girl outside and bouncing about with our Sunnylife Inflatable Unicorn Hopper. This bouncing baby unicorn inflatable has a candy pink mane and tail, big blue eyes, and a pretend riding saddle. Your six year old girl can jump and bounce about, inside the house or out, just like she’s riding a magical unicorn!

If your six year old girl enjoys dressing up, our Kids Bunny Hat and Tail Set will have her bouncing with joy. The plush bunny hat has uber-cute floppy ears that flip and flop on each side of the hat! The set is made of plush material that’s nice and soft and comfortable, perfect for making winter days fun.

If she’s the pretty-in-pink kind of girl, someone who enjoys dressing up like a princess and pretending she has fairies friends and magic wands and unicorns and pink, pink, PINK then we definitely have a selection of gifts that’ll have her jumping for joy. Whether it’s a comforting night light that’ll project enchanting images onto her bedroom walls as she sleeps, or a unicorn-themed party decorations so her and her friends can create their own unicorn balloon friends to party the day away with.

Yellow Octopus can help. With a huge range of the latest and greatest gifts for six year old girls, you are sure to find the ultimate gift for your six year old girl.