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You don’t need an excuse to buy your mum a gift. Don’t wait until Mother’s Day, get your mum a present any day of the year and surprise her. Show your mum how much you really care. She gave birth...

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        Wine Bottle Tie Corkscrew | Peleg Design - - Peleg Design - Yellow Octopus
        Wine Bottle Tie Corkscrew
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        The Big Birthday Survival Guide | 40th 50th 60th 70th - 40th - SUSANNA GOEGHEGAN PUBLISHING - Yellow Octopus
        The Big Birthday Survival Guide | 40th 50th 60th 70th
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      • 100 Baby Trivia Questions For New Parents - - Gift Republic - Yellow Octopus
        100 Baby Trivia Questions For New Parents
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        Urban Greens Herb Grow Kits - Kitchen Herbs - Urban Greens - Yellow Octopus
        Urban Greens Herb Grow Kits
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      • Yellow Octopus Digital Gift Card
        Yellow Octopus Digital Gift Card
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        Classical Wind-up Music Box - Greensleeves - IS - Yellow Octopus
        Classical Wind-Up Music Box
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      • My Travel Journal | Suck UK - - SUCK UK - Yellow Octopus
        My Travel Journal | Suck UK
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        Seletti Black Monkey Lamp Swing
        Seletti Black Monkey Lamp Swing
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        Queen II Album Art 500 Piece Puzzle
        Queen II Album Art 500 Piece Puzzle
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      • Mini Ocean Breeze Write & Gift Message In A Bottle 7.5cms
        Mini Ocean Breeze Write & Gift Message In A Bottle 7.5cms
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      • Poppit Sheets Novelty Bubble Wrap Dispenser - - ThumbsUp! - Yellow Octopus
        Poppit Sheets Novelty Bubble Wrap Dispenser
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      • Rose Garden Write & Gift Message In A Bottle - - Short Story - Yellow Octopus
        Mini Rose Garden Write & Gift Message In A Bottle 7.5cms
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        Wasted Bottle Stopper
        Wasted Bottle Stopper
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      • Disney Frozen Impossible Puzzle | 1000 Pieces
        Disney Frozen Impossible Puzzle | 1000 Pieces
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      • Savannah Auto Adjusting Soft Fruit Peeler - - Savannah - Yellow Octopus
        Savannah Auto Adjusting Soft Fruit Peeler
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      • 100 Places To Visit Before You Die Scratch-Off Poster - - Gift Republic - Yellow Octopus
        100 Places To Visit Before You Die Scratch-Off Poster
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      Gifts For Mums & Special Step Mums


      What can we say about mums that hasn't already been said? Not much really. They're loving, they're caring, they're always there for us when we need them most, and with all that considered, there is only one day a year to celebrate their contribution to our lives?! We think that's a rip off. It should be Mother's Day every day! And with Yellow Octopus' expansive collection of gifts for mums, it can be!

      Our collection of gifts for mums includes a little something for every kind of Aussie mum out there, ranging from mums that may as well moonlight as Michelin star chefs, to mums who take DIY home design to another level. Does your mum take pride in keeping an immaculate home and backyard space? How about some handy kitchenware gifts, or some cute plant pots for the garden? Or is your mum more of a LOLs person, who's more or less leaned into her new identity as an empty nester? Then why not get her something funny from our huge range of novelty gifts or her, perfect for mums who live for the weekend? Get your mum a sneaky pressie from Yellow Octopus by shopping our range of top gifts for mums today!


      Top 30 Unique Gift Ideas For Mums


      You don’t need an excuse to buy your mum a present. Don’t just wait until her birthday, or even Mother's Day! If you get your mum a present on any run of the mill day of the year, then you’ll be sure to surprise her. Show your mum how much you really care with any of our dozens of great gift ideas for mums who deserve the world.

      And all mums deserve the world, simply because they’ve given the world to you! So what do you get someone who has given everything to you? Something from Yellow Octopus, of course!

      We've got a huge range of the coolest gifts for mums from all walks of life, including plenty of quirky kitchenware, funky socks, cosy slippers, and a myriad of other novelty gifts that’ll be sure to put a smile on her face. Whether you're looking for a funny novelty gift to make her laugh, or a thoughtful token of your endless gratitude, the joymakers at Yellow Octopus are here to help. So, without further ado, here are Olli the Octopus’ top 30 unique gift ideas for mums:

      1. Thanks For Putting Up With My Sh#t Milk Chocolate

      One of our favourite gifts for mums with plenty of sass to dole out, the ‘Thanks For Putting Up With My Sh#t’ novelty milk chocolate block is a devilishly delicious delight that any mum would be more than happy to receive.

      2. The Broadsheet Melbourne Cookbook

      Is your mum an avid Melbourne foodie? Then Broadsheet Melbourne’s stunningly presented cookbook may be the perfect gift for your mum on her next birthday, anniversary, or any other major upcoming celebration. With over 80 recipes collected from the city of Melbourne’s most iconic restaurants, bars, and other eateries, the Broadsheet Melbourne cookbook is likely to be the pride of your mum’s personal library.

      3. Where The Wild Mums Are Book

      A beautifully illustrated book that’s bursting with character, ‘Where The Wild Mums Are’ is guaranteed to make the perfect gift for new mums, expectant mothers, and all other mums who just deserve a good, old-fashioned break.

      4. Fred & Friends Wine Lives Cat Wine Markers

      Cats come in a wide range of colours, so it’s only natural to have some cat wine markers to make your mum’s next evening playing host a veritable breeze. This particular gift idea for mum is guaranteed to bring a smile not only to any mum’s face, but also to any and all of her posse of fellow crazy cat ladies!

      5. Persian Rug Cheese Serving Board

      If your mum is a little extra, then she’ll be sure to love this stunning (and certifiably bougie) Persian Rug-esque cheese serving board. Made of high-quality, heat resistant, stain proof and scratch proof glass, this cheese serving board is definitely going to be a fun addition to your mum’s breakfast tray if you’ll be starting her special day off with a delectable breakfast in bed!

      6. Vintage Style Gramophone Record Player

      Is your mum a fan of antiquities or keepsakes from yesteryear? Is she a lover of all things rhythmic? Then our vintage style gramophone record player may just be the perfect gift for your mum this Mother’s Day, on her next milestone birthday, or for any other occasion that calls for a lively celebration. A fully functional gramophone record player that’s operated by crank for total authenticity, this gift idea is sure to bring a little joy and merriment to both mum and dad this year.

      7. A Little Dirt Never Hurt Gardener Gumboot Mug

      The fun and practical gift ideas that are quirky mugs and gardening themed goodies come together in this gorgeous, little mug! Fitted with a cute gumboot handle and bearing a quirky garden print, this mug is definitely poised to be your mum’s go-to coffee accessory on misty Sunday mornings.

      8. Neuschwanstein Castle 3D Puzzle (121 pieces)

      Sometimes, the best gifts for mums are ones that satisfy their universal love of jigsaw puzzles. But why be so two-dimensional? With our Neuschwanstein Castle 3D puzzle, mum can spend her big day crowded around the coffee table with all her favourite people, building a stunning 1:200 scale replica of Germany’s iconic Neuschwanstein Castle, also known as the inspiration behind Disney’s famous Sleeping Beauty castle. Mums who are avid Disney fans are also highly likely to adore this gift idea.

      9. Control Your Family Mouth Spray

      For any parents that are still tackling houses filled with teenagers, look no further than this ‘Control Your Family’ mouth spray! This ‘mentally minty mouth spray’ may be just the gift for mums who are looking to brace themselves before big family dinner parties. Is it an effective form of mind control? You’ll just have to wait and see!

      10. 100 Desserts To Die For Cookbook

      Looking to find presents for mums with a sweet tooth? If your mum is one for “Death By Chocolate”, then this delicious cookbook filled with similar desserts that are all worth dying for is guaranteed to feel right at home in her own library of recipe books. The recipes are also split into sections in this innovative collection, allowing mum to find the perfect desserts to suit her fancy. Just be sure to find a suitable recipe for her birthday cake so that she can sample her gift from the get-go.

      11. The Little Book Of Happiness: Dogs

      Prepare to witness the happiest coffee table book that you will ever see. Any mums who are animal lovers are likely to fall quickly in love with all the joyous sentiments and cute photos of snoots and floofs that you’ll find in the pages of this glorious book. The smiles will start as soon as your mum unwraps ‘The Little Book Of Happiness: Dogs’, and won’t be fading anytime soon.

      12. I've Got a Knife Oven Mitt

      Is your mum’s home filled with vintage paraphernalia and bright colours, akin to what you may find in an American-style diner? Does she have a sharp sense of humour, so to speak? Whilst these delicate pastel pink oven mitts may make a more cutesy first impression, it won’t take long for mum to realise that this gift is a bit more dark and devilish than it appears. But if the mitts fit…

      13. Happy Pills: Daily Inspirational Messages

      Never underestimate the power of positive affirmations. These daily messages of self-love and optimistic thinking can be a form of medicine in themselves, which is precisely why ‘Happy Pills’ have come into existence. This little corked bottle of pills contains either 31 or 100 enclosed messages that your mum can unscroll whenever she may need a little pick-me-up. ‘Happy Pills’ are the perfect gift for mums who appreciate each and every silver lining.

      14. Crystal Ball Storm Glass Weather Station

      Some mums may claim that they can feel when rain is about to come in their knees, their arms, their elbows, or any other number of body parts that definitely don’t sound like they’d be clairvoyant. So why not get mum a gift that’ll actually help her predict the weather, or at least support her existing weather prediction abilities? This mesmerising crystal ball will change its appearance depending on atmospheric fluctuations, equipping it with the ability to forecast snow, rain, thunderstorms, heavy winds, and even clear skies with ease.

      15. “Mum, You're the Brightest Star" LED Wishing Bottle

      This Mother’s Day, give your mother a gift that’ll light up her life and let her know just how much you care. This LED Wishing Bottle won’t just be a fantastic source of ambient life that your mum can take with her wherever she goes, but its heartfelt message that becomes visible when the bottle is powered up will serve as a consistent reminder to mum of just how much she is loved and appreciated.

      16. Definition of Mum Embellished Stemless Wine Glass

      What exactly does it mean to be a mother? It’s a far trickier word to define than ‘dad’, that much can be agreed on. ‘Mum’ is an all-encompassing word that stands for love, family, support, and all the other amazing, positive attributes that we find in ourselves. This ‘Definition of Mum’ stemless wine glass is sure to be the perfect gift for mums who deserve to know just how impactful they have been and just how much gratitude is coming their way on any given day.

      17. London Clock Eldis Solid Wood Wall Clock 33cm

      Struggling to find a gorgeous and practical gift idea for mums who seem to have everything or who aren’t particularly wanting for anything? If your mum is not at all the materialistic type, then some fabulous homewares could be the best kinds of gifts for her. We absolutely have to single out our Eldis Solid Wood London Wall Clock here. This totally silent clock is the perfect addition to any minimalist or contemporary modern home, making it an ideal gift for mums with refined tastes.

      18. Mad Millie Dark Chocolate Making Kit

      If mum is an aficionado of all things cacao, then she’ll absolutely love this chocolate making kit. This Mad Millie Dark Chocolate Making Kit comes complete with everything mum will need to create her own vegan-friendly chocolatey creations, including silicone chocolate bar moulds, cocoa butter, raw organic cocoa powder, and delectable coconut sugar. Mums deserve only the best, most premium chocolate ingredients, after all.

      19. Glittery Queen Mum Off Duty Non-Slip Socks

      The best gifts for mums who wear the pants at home are a comfy pair of socks to match! These ‘Queen Mum’ off-duty non-slip socks are the ultimate lazy Sunday accessory for all mums who appreciate being nice and toasty on their well-earned days off.

      20. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

      Get mum a gift that’s just as fun as it is practical for her next birthday! Our Mount Fury Volcano Microwave Cleaner is the ultimate gift for mums who want to blitz through all their household chores with handy tools that are just as much a treat to use as they are to receive as gifts. Using a simple mixture of water, vinegar, and any additional optional scented ingredients like lemon juice, this microwave cleaner can help mum easily remove any and all food residue, grease, or other build ups from the inside of her microwave. No heavy scrubbing involved!

      21. Eggling Lemon Balm Crack & Grow Planter Kit

      If you share fond memories of making cress eggs with your mum or using eggshells in your childhood garden, then mum is sure to love this little gift idea. Our Eggling Crack & Grow Planter Kits allow mum to effortlessly grow lemon balm plants right at home. We recommend storing your little Egglings on your kitchen windowsill so that they can get plenty of sun and are always in reach during tea time.

      22. After Dinner Trivia Game

      For mums who are avid entertainers, then there may not be a better gift idea for her than this nifty after dinner trivia game. With 300 trivia cards over six different categories, this trivia kit is the perfect appetiser to kick off your next family board game night.

      23. KitTea Cat Tea Infuser

      Novelty kitchen accessories are amongst the best gifts for mums who appreciate the little things in life, or are likely to go for functionality over flair on any given day of the week. If your mum isn’t one for buying fun things for herself, however, then this little KitTea Cat Tea Infuser is definitely going to be a welcome addition to her kitchen space.

      24. Eva Solo Self-Watering Flowerpot

      The ultimate low-maintenance flower pot, our Eva Solo Self-Watering Flowerpot is an ideal gift for mums who love to travel and may find themselves out of the house on a regular basis. But just because you have a busy schedule, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a green thumb too!

      25. Fancy Onion Glasses

      Is mum a fan of Dame Edna, and definitely not a fan of cutting onions? Then she absolutely needs a pair of these fancy onion glasses. Just make sure that she doesn’t bring it out with her on nights out, because as tempting as it may be to take these out on the town, these are definitely not club-friendly. Trust us.

      26. Make Your Own Organic Rose Petal Bath Bombs

      It’s actually a lot easier than you think to make your own bath bombs right from home, which is precisely what makes this particular gift a perfect gift option for mums who are avid crafters.

      27. The Thank You! Button - 10 Different Thank Yous!

      If your mum doesn’t hear ‘the magic words’ half as often as she should, then we have two suggestions for you. First off, respect your elders! Secondly, you need to gift her this ‘Thank You!’ Button so that she can at least take control of her affirmations. After all, what better gift is there for mums of moody teenagers?

      28. The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

      Speaking of affirmations, there’s nothing quite like an exercise in self-care to boost anybody’s mood on their birthday, especially for mums who may be feeling melancholy as they experience birthday after birthday without the presence of grandkids. So while she waits, why not do a 30 Day Happiness Challenge or two? Mum is sure to love this gift idea that’s designed to help foster naturally positive thinking. And the best part is that you can easily do it with her too!

      29. Swan Watering Can

      Another fantastic gardening gift for mums with green thumbs, this swan watering can is sure to brighten both her birthday as well as her backyard space. And with a 2L capacity, this gift idea is just as practical as it is gorgeous!

      30. Floating Beach Wine Glass

      Is mum a fan of wine in the summertime? Al fresco drinking becomes a lot more low-maintenance when you use one of these innovative floating wine glasses. Designed to float on water or be stuck into the ground by its sturdy spike, this floating wine glass is the perfect gift for mums who want to spend their special day at the beach or any other idyllic outdoor setting.


      Best gifts for Aussie mums that'll celebrate any occasion


      Of course, although Mother's Day only comes around once a year, there are still plenty of other days where you can show mum just how much you love and appreciate her. At Yellow Octopus, you'll be able to find the perfect gifts for mum to celebrate all of her favourite days of the year, including Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, her birthday, her anniversary, and many other celebrations that may very well be worth gathering the whole family together.

      Some of our favourite gifts for mums in Australia may also double up as the perfect accessories for your next big family gathering, helping mum and dad continue to be the world's greatest party hosts. If your mum is an avid entertainer, why not gift her some backyard BBQ gear, quirky kitchenware, or novelty wine glasses? With all these party essentials in tow and so much to celebrate, chances are high that mum will appreciate any and all gifts that you send to her doorstep this year.


      Milestone birthday gifts for mums of all ages


      Looking for the perfect birthday gift for mum this year? Although finding a gift for your mother may seem like a daunting task at the worst of times, it can feel especially difficult if mum is preparing to cel