<p>Drooling for some <strong>dog toys</strong>? Want the purrrfect <strong>cat toys</strong>? Lets talk about <strong>pet gifts</strong>. Pets are the best to give gifts to because they’re the most grateful. Our friends and family don’t always wear the sweater we buy or read the book we get them. But our pets always chew, eat, and chase our gifts. They love us. <strong>Gifts for pets</strong> are awesome. Pets don’t only <strong>dog toys</strong> and <strong>cat toys</strong> because of the physical product. They also love the extra attention gifts brings. And the more novel, fun, and unique the present you get for your pet, the more attention they will receive from you and your friends, family and strangers at the dog park. Novel gifts for pets keep on giving. </p>
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Gifts for Pets

Drooling for some dog toys? Want the purrrfect cat toys? Lets talk about pet gifts. Pets are the best to give gifts to because they’re the most grateful. Our friends and family don’t always wear the sweater we buy... Read More

Drooling for some dog toys? Want the purrrfect cat toys? Lets talk about Read More

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The Best Dog Toys & Cat Toys

Pets do naughty things. They poo on the carpet, run away from home, and even worse, eat our snacks when we’re not looking. How dare they?! And how can we buy them cat gifts and dog presents? Why would we? Well, as mischievous as pets are, they’re just as forgivable. They're cuddly, cute, and oh so loveable. How can we stay mad at their adorable little faces? We can’t. We can't deny them those fun dog toys and cat toys. Yet dogs and cats can stay mad at each other.

Dogs and cats have fought since a kitten swiped at a puppy's wagging tail. And they don't only fight over their favourite dog toys and cat toys. Their instincts make them natural enemies. Despite their feud they can agree on four things;
1. They are mutual enemies.
2. Humans are wonderful creatures.
3. When they poop on the carpet they should hide.
4. Pet gifts for these cuties are AWESOME!!

Pets are also wonderful creatures. They deserve the best. You walk in the door with a gift for your dog and they have more love for you than a monkey has for a pool filled with bananas. Our dogs act like we’re a king returning with the spoils of war. They love dog toys. But cats differ. They purr and rub up against us in thanks. They can love us as much as dogs, but sometimes it’s harder to tell how much they appreciate their cat toys.

Let’s take a look inside the minds of cats and dogs when they’re receiving a gift:

Inside a dog’s mind:
“I exist. Yayy!! Everything is great and wonderful. My human is here too. I love my human!! Yayy. What’s that in his hand? It’s something. Horrahh!! I love things, I love everything!

OMG it’s a present. Yayy. I love it! I wonder what it is? Who cares?! It's a present and it’s the best. Yayy! I'm tearing it open. OMG a dog ball. My favourite. How did they know?! My human is the best!!!”

Inside a cat’s mind:
“What’s that in his hand? A trick. I better not show any interest. The human may sense my fear. I respect my human and I must ensure they respect me back. I’m walking away.

Ohhh you’ve chased me to pick me up. Who’s the desperate one now human? I suppose we both are. Oh, what’s that you’re holding? A gift. Well if you insist I could oblige you and take a look.

I better be careful now, if I’m too grateful he may not try as hard again next time. Ah, a scratch toy. How well you know me human. You’ve done well. Here’s one small lick you thoughtful and wise overlord. When I take over the world I will take care of you.”

Cats and dogs are amazing, but not everyone has them. There are many guinea pigs, ferrets, goats and even chimpanzee owners. Some families have so many pets, their home looks like a Noah's Ark. Whatever pet you have, we have the pet toys and pet accessories to shower them with love. We have pet gifts for every being in the animal kingdom.

Pet accessories

There’s hardly any space left for us to have fun with accessories. Jewellery covers our necks, wrists, and ankles. New cars have every new gadget included. And paintings, portraits, and photos fill our walls at home. Pets are the only space left that’s free to accessorise. Pet accessories are in fashion. Accessorising your pets is a chance to express their personalities. Your playful dog may look good with a light up leash. And your cat can show their thoughtfulness with a stylish bow tie.

Dog toys

Buying dog toys is fun for everyone, not only the dog getting the present. Dog toys have come a long way since the humble stick. Here are dog toys your pooch will love:
K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs. Military grade fun for your doggy.
Nite Ize Meteorlight LED Dog Ball. Play fetch until the wee hours of the morning.
Doggie Driver - Tennis Ball launcher for Dogs. Why use your arm to throw?
Glow & Go LED Dog Collar. Your dog lights up like a firework display.

Cat toys

Yellow Octopus has a range of choices so you find the purrfect toy for your cat. Here are cat toys to keep them occupied and out of trouble:
Fish Dangling Wand Cat Toy. Let the primal hunter inside your cat play.
Cat Toy: Peek-A-Prize Toy Box. Your cat can keep their reflexes sharp enough to deal with any real mice.
Aqua Buddy Automatic Self-Watering Bowl For Pets. Cats are already independent, now they can automatically receive water when needed.

Are you a dog or cat person? Maybe you're both?! It's undeniable that your canine or feline friend is always there for you in your time of emotional need. Pets are valued members of the family, and as such deserve the best possible gifts. That's why Yellow Octopus has such an amazing range of dog toys and cat toys. Your pooch of fab feline is going to be ecstatic with these gifts. So what are you waiting for? Find them the treat they deserve. Whether they woof or meow, get them a Yellow Octopus gift that will bow-wow. We have the very very best dog toys and cat toys.