<p><span>Need some help finding gifts for teachers when the end of the year or parent teacher interviews roll around? Forget the boring bottle of wine or box of chocolates - just ends up in some unused cupboard gathering dust. You'll find a whole heap of gifts specifically designed for teachers, both primary and secondary here at Yellow Octopus. <br></span></p>

Gifts for Teachers

Need some help finding gifts for teachers when the end of the year or parent teacher interviews roll around? Forget the boring bottle of wine or box of chocolates - just ends up in some unused cupboard gathering dust. You'll find a whole heap of gifts specif... Read More

Need some help finding gifts for teachers when the end of the year or parent teacher interviews roll ar... Read More

Gifts for Teachers

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Thank You Gifts For Teachers Australia

An apple for the teacher may help you become teacher’s pet but if you want to seriously improve your grades then you need to be thinking about presents for teachers that they’ll mark highly. And there’s a host of other reasons to be on the hunt for good gift ideas for teachers.

One of the great reasons to be scouring the shops for awesome gifts for teachers was popularised on a bumper sticker not so long ago. It read, “If you can read this thank your primary school teacher”. So, if you’re giving credit where credit’s due, put in the effort and buy thank you gifts for the teachers who have had such an impact on your life.

Presents for teachers are usually given at the end of a semester or the end of the year, so of course there’s the tried and tested Christmas presents for teachers that reach an acceptable benchmark. Chocolates, perfume, bath salts, scented candles are good presents for teachers but surely you heard this at school, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better best”. So don’t just settle for tried and true presents for teachers. Get novel. Like a novel for your English teacher or a recipe holder for your Home Economics teacher.

Since this is about teachers and learning, here’s a little known fact. Teachers have a sense of humour. Don’t laugh! It’s true. Funny gifts for teachers can even become personalised gifts for teachers. What about witty t-shirts. Perhaps one for your English teacher which screams, “Mark my words”. Or for your Accounting teacher, “It all makes cents now.” The same goes for a mug for a Year 9 teacher. Teacher: “ Come on, you learnt this in third grade”. Year 9 boy: “Fair go, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast.”

And just to prove it’s true, here’s a witty yet true exchange:

Ex student rings his woodwork teacher to thank him for a bit of advice he used to reel off every lesson, time after time.

“What was that?” The teacher asks.

“Measure twice, cut once. Measure twice, cut once” reponds the ex-student. It’s been invaluable to me.”

“Excellent! So what career did you follow - chippie, builder, sparkie?”

“No, nothing like that. I’m a surgeon.”

But I digress. Much like a teacher during a long-winded diatribe. Back to great gift ideas for teachers.

Teaching can be a stressful job. Challenging students, noisy classrooms, tough deadlines, reports, excursions, camps. The list is endless, almost like a teacher’s day. Presents for teachers that help them cope with the stress are welcomed.

Thank you gifts for teachers will certainly involve something to do with coffee, because when the job gets tough, the coffee gets brewing. In fact, they drink so much coffee they can’t be blood donors because its coffee not blood coursing through their veins. Coffee related gifts for teachers can include highly prized arabica bean blends, to a coffee percolator, coffee pods or if the whole class is chipping in maybe even a coffee machine.

It’s interesting that when writing about awesome gifts for teachers the word fact keep cropping up. But that’s because their bread and butter is facts. So here’s another little known fact. Teachers have a life outside of teaching. So good presents for teachers can certainly include experiences.

This means thank you gifts for teachers can include things like the Melbourne Wheel, a trip down the Yarra or an art class. These presents for teachers are greatly appreciated because teachers are well aware that to be a great teacher you have to get out and experience life, so you can inspire your students.

These teacher gifts do work well because as we all know, teachers do get more holidays than most. However, if you ask any sane teacher, and good luck trying to find one, especially at the end of the year, without the holidays, the job would be untenable. So presents for teachers that allow them to have fun and kick up their heels in the holidays are great teacher gift ideas. And they’ll have the teacher thinking fondly of you. At least for the first few weeks of the new year.

Now here’s another way to approach your buying of thoughtful gifts for teachers. Teachers enjoy students who demonstrate initiative and can make connections. Why not download from Itunes a rendition of Paul Kelly’s, “From Little Things Big things Grow”? Your teacher will think that this is one of the cleverest teacher gifts they’ve ever received because this is exactly what they’re trying to achieve with you.

But just like a set of steak knives on late night T.V., ‘just wait, there’s more’. Besides the songs, actually include amongst your presents for teachers ones that actually do grow. That’s right. Something for your teacher’s garden. Your thank you gifts for teachers may include plants to nurture, seeds to sow, pots to propagate, or a herb and spice garden to cultivate.

Gift ideas for teachers are something that you can discuss with friends or if the whole class is banding together to buy good presents for teachers why not use some teaching tools to nail the best teacher gift ideas. Employ the brainstorming technique where every suggestion for presents for teachers is written down. Or try the A to Z method where gift ideas for teachers is determined alphabetically. Every letter gets teacher gift ideas and then you select the most appropriate.

So put a bit of time and effort into selecting gifts for teachers who have helped you seize the day. Certainly more effort into your choice of good presents for teachers than you put into your last essay. You know, the one you did the night before.

And why? Because the work a teacher does is like an iceberg. You often see only a small portion. They deserve the thank you gifts for teachers that you buy because of how hard they work to make your lessons engaging. And they deserve the effort you put in to find the right gift for teachers for all the encouraging words they gave you. And the good presents for teachers you buy show that you’re aware of how they’ve tried to inspire you to develop a passion and become a lifelong learner. And whilst the list goes on and on, believe me, they will appreciate the teacher gifts they get as much, if not more, than any other.

Why? Because your great gifts for teachers show they’ve connected with you and helped you. And that’s the reason they teach. Your great teacher gifts are the icing on the cake.