<p>Do you need a <strong>gift for a tradie</strong>? They drive utes, they’re covered in mud, they eat pies and like to drink a froffy after work (or something like that). Fact is, they don’t like airy fairy nonsense. They like straight shootin, stuff that’s built tough, just like them. We might not be a hardware store, but we’re the next best thing!</p>

Gifts for Tradies

Do you need a gift for a tradie? They drive utes, they’re covered in mud, they eat pies and like to drink a froffy after work (or something like that). Fact is, they don’t like airy fairy nonsense. They like straight shootin, stuff that’s built to... Read More

Do you need a gift for a tradie? They drive utes, they’re covered in mud, they eat pies and ... Read More

Gifts for Tradies

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The Best Gifts For Tradies

Stuff For Labourers, Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbers & More Tradesmen

Gifts for tradies should be like tradesmen themselves: down-to-earth, fun, and they make a house better for them having been there. Whether you’re looking for gifts for labourers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers or other tradies - like a tradie mate when the surf’s good or you sleep in - we’ve got you covered.

Now before we get into our gifts for tradies, let’s address the cliches. We know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry, we’re not hawking presents like left-handed screwdrivers, sky hooks, pipe stretchers, blinker fluid, glass hammers, elbow grease, or a bucket of cold steam.

Yet that doesn’t stop us from enjoying a few good tradie stories. So before we get into gifts for tradies, let’s look at some of the classic stories that seem to pop up at worksites across the country.

Here’s one about a young apprentice. “We sent the young lads down to the store room for a long weight, and the storeman always kept the joke going and left him at the window for about 20 minutes. When he arrived back at the window and the apprentice asked where his long weight was, the storeman asked him “Wasn’t 20 minutes long enough for him?”

Unsurprisingly, this next story is also about an apprentice. “Oh yeah the other good one is getting them to shake the can of cold gal (rust proofer for tray work) until the ball stops rattling... The record was 45 minutes at one site.”

That story is similar to another tradie prank - getting the apprentice to go out and look for a verbal agreement form.

With all those jokes on apprentices, you’d think they’d get wise. Well they do. But one apprentice got too wise for his own good. “When asked to fetch my tradesmans left handed tin snips I thought I was too clever to fall for that. Little did I know that tinsnips come in left, right & straight!”

By now one thing about tradies should be clear. No! Not that tradies are gullible. That they love to have a good time.

So remember that when you’re buying gifts for tradesmen. If your gift is a tool, it should be used to make tradesmen laugh. A hammer hammers, a screwdriver screws, and a gift for tradesman gets them laughing.

So what are your choices? Well, perhaps it depends on the type of tradesmen they are. You can find a generic gift for all tradesmen, or you can go searching for gifts for labourers, gifts for electricians, gifts for carpenters, or gifts for plumbers. You can go the general use gift, which is like a hammer, or a specialised gift which is more like a quarter inch drill bit.

Let’s start with the general. The first gift you must consider is a classic. Chances are you’ve seen similar ones at worksites across the country. What is it? The classic Tow Nutz Tow Bar Accessory. The balls for a ute. The testes for a truck. Tradesman think they’re tough, they think they have ‘big-balls’, so this present for tradies is simply an extension of their personality - and their tow bar.

Now, the next gift is what some tradies may consider the ultimate tool. No. Not the nail gun. The Hammer Hidden Flask And Funnel. While this tool won’t be in use until the workday is over, it is the gift for tradesman they most appreciate. When they day is over they can whip out this gift for tradies and take a swig - there’s nothing like a drink after a day of working hard.

While a drink after a day's work is refreshing, tradies often need something in the morning to get them going. The elixir of life. Also known as coffee. The Screw You Mug is perfect for tradies in the morning. And don’t worry, the Screw You mug isn’t offensive - it’s simply a mug that looks like a screw.

So you’ve got the pre and post work drinks sorted with cheeky gifts for tradesmen, but what about for the weekends when their mates come over to watch the footy and relax? We’ve got that gift for tradies sorted too. The G-Clamp Bottle Opener. Simply attach it to the bar and you’ve got a fun bottle opener for the tradie and his mates.

Now that we’ve seen just how awesome some of our general gifts for tradies are, let’s look at the ultimate gifts for specific tradesmen, from builders to electricians.

What’s the ultimate gift for builders? The Builder At Work Hammer Handle Mug. It’s perfect for their morning coffee or morning or afternoon coffee at work.

What’s the ultimate gift for carpenters? The Carpenter Ceramic Figurine. It will take the prime position on their mantle piece.

What’s the ultimate gift for electricians? The Mr Fix It Socks. They’ll be worn with a sense of pride.

Of course, once you’ve picked a fun gift for tradies, it doesn’t hurt to grab a seriously helpful gift for tradesman as well, whether it’s a multi-tool or pen with multiple uses.

Want more tradie gift ideas? Here's some crackers"
50 Year Perpetual Calendar
How To Live With A Huge Penis Book
Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball 8" Large
Einstein Genius IQ Test Kit
Game of Thrones House Sigil Posters
Wooden Pick Up Sticks
Bubble Wrap Costume
Metallic Gold Lava Lamp
Sega Mega Drive Mini Computer Game Console
Sarcastic Magic 9-Ball: Like The 8-Ball But Meaner!
The Insultinator Random Insult Generator

Now that you’re getting your funny gifts for tradies sorted, why not add some extra laughter with a tradie joke for the card? Here’s a classic;
Q: How many plumbers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Three: a boss to tell a plumber, a plumber to tell a helper, and a helper to get his electrician friend to do it on the side.

If that got you giggling, this classic one-liner may too;
“I would tell you a tradie joke but my back is hurting and I’m all out of Marlboros.”

Put either of those witticisms on your card for your tradie family member or mate and they’ll appreciate it along with your gift.

So there you have it. Everything you need to make a tradies birthday, Christmas or special occasion happy - jokes for their cards and most importantly, gifts for tradies.