Arguably the most <i>appealing</i> of all the fruits, Bananas are delicious, nutritious, and ever-so-versatile. Chuck them into a smoothie; cover them in ice cream, nuts and sprinkles; or just peel 'em and go wild!<br><br>But Bananas aren't just a food - they're the inspiration. A bunch of our coolest, quirkiest, wackiest, funnest, most fantastic (and naughtiest!) products have a Banana-ish theme going on, and damn, do they make us totally Bananas with excitement! <br><br>If you're feeling as fruity as we are, and you're in the mood for monkey food, then feel free to go totally wild for our latest and greatest Banana-themed products!

Go Bananas: Banana and Monkey Gifts

Arguably the most appealing of all the fruits, Bananas are delicious, nutritious, and ever-so-versatile. Chuck them into a smoothie; cover them in ice cream, nuts and sprinkles; or just peel 'em and go wild!

But Bananas aren't just a food - they're the ... Read More
Arguably the most appealing of all the fruits, Bananas are delicious, nutritious, and ever-so-versatile. ... Read More

Go Bananas: Banana and Monkey Gifts

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Go Wild – Banana and Money Gifts & Gadgets

Gwen Stefani was right - this sh#t IS Bananas – B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Except we don’t mean cray cray crazy; we literally mean bananas: the yellow, peely, delicious, fruity kind of bananas.

Bananas are the inspiration for some of our weirdest and best gifts and gadgets, so we’ve brought them all together is one convenient place for you! If you go totally wild about anything banana-related, then boy, will you find this collection really appealing!

FUN BANANA FACT: The banana is a fruit – but did you know that the banana is also technically a berry? That’s right. The banana is from the same family as pomegranates, kiwis and tomatoes. They’re BERRIES! Pretty wild but 100% accurate. So you could say, they banana is berry mysterious. LOL. (FUN NON-BANANA FACT: Strawberries aren’t technically a berry!)

HELPFUL BANANA TIP: Bananas for cooking are called plantains. They are awful. Avoid if you can.

Our Top Banana-themed Gifts & Gadgets!

I’ve Got a Big Banana Novelty Mug

Do you know someone who has a big banana? Gift them this mug. Do you know someone with a small banana, but a huge ego? Even better: definitely gift them this mug.

Check out the hilarious 3D banana-shaped handle – practical as well as hilarious!

When the recipient is drinking from their I’ve Got a Big Banana Mug, a hilarious cheeky monkey face is revealed on the bottom!

Banana Umbrella

When someone asks you “Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” you can say “No, I’m not happy to see you and yes, it’s a banana!” because you’ll have our Banana Umbrella in your pocket: the funkiest, fruitiest umbrella you’ll ever own!

When not in use, the Banana Umbrella actually looks like a real banana. The umbrella canopy part fits inside a yellow banana-shaped shell designed to look exactly like the peel-able fruit with the delicious innards.

Release your Banana Umbrella from the confines of its peel-like case, and a bright banana-yellow canopy is revealed to protect you from the elements when the weather is less than perfect. The Banana Umbrella has a handy nylon cord carry handle so when it’s not in use, it’s as easy as can be to sling over your arm.

Sunnylife Banana Salt & Pepper Shakers

You, gift-seeker, haven’t come to Yellow Octopus to find boring, bland home décor, have you? No: you’re here because you’re looking for the quirky, the unique, the weirdly wonderful, and we think our Banana Salt & Pepper Shakers fit the bill quite nicely!

Designed to look like two bunches of delicious bananas, these salt and pepper shakers from Sunnylife will add a fresh fruity feel to your dining table. One for salt and one for pepper – these are shakers you’ll want to keep forever! You can’t peel them but you can shake them to season your food.

They’re crafted from the highest quality ceramic and have a handy rubber stopper at the bottom to make refilling easy. And, they come beautifully gift packaged, making these Banana Salt & Pepper Shakers a practical yet totally unboring housewarming or special occasion gift for those who like their home décor to be totally wild!

Banana Slicer

Don’t slice bananas the old-fashioned way – with a knife, one slice at a time – when you can slice whole bananas in one easy step with our ingenious Banana Slicer!  

This banana-shaped gadget features thin, knife-like plastic strips spaced equally apart.

To use:

> Peel your banana
> Place on a hard flat surface
> Press the Banana Slicer down onto your banana

Instantly – just like magic! – your banana will be cut into perfectly sized pieces ready to be eaten raw, frozen, fried or dehydrated.

The Banana Slicer is ideal for families with children to make a quick yet nutritious, delicious snack little hands can grab and little mouths can manage!

Yellow Octopus – The Home of Unique Gifts & Gadgets!

If these fruity finds aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, do not fret, for we have so many other weird, wacky, wonderful and unique gifts and gadgets here at Yellow Octopus that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for your Mum, Dad, Sister, BrotherFriend, Co-worker, (or even your frenemy!).