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The Best Graduation Gifts & Ideas

Where does the time fly? That has to be the question rattling around inside your head once you think of graduation gift ideas. One minute they’re taking their first steps, the next they’re graduating. And now here you are pondering a graduation gift that will reflect how proud you are.

But the concept of graduation and graduation presents has also changed over time. Graduation present ideas are no longer confined to those donning gowns, academic caps and sashes. Now we celebrate graduations across the ages. And we have the graduation gifts from graduating from diapers to doctorates.

It begins with children graduating from kindergarten to primary school, so graduation gifts should reflect this first significant step. At this age, the best graduation present ideas usually revolve around graduation gifts that will be necessary for their first year of school. A cool pencil case. Coloured pencils. A lunch box as a graduation gift for her, adorned with My Little Pony. Perhaps dinosaurs or Ninja Turtles on the lunch box graduation gift for him.

These graduation gifts that are practical, are so enthusiastically accepted. The best thing is young children never realise they would have been getting these gifts for graduation anyway. So the best graduation gifts are gifts that make them feel all grown up. And that’s anything for school.

The only issue you’ll have here is wrestling them back off them. They’re more than likely spend the summer holiday wearing their new school uniform, shoes and school bag and showing off their awesome graduation gifts.

But it does provide you with plenty of photo opportunities. And photos taken with dry eyes of them proudly displaying their graduation gifts will be better than the ones you try to take on the first day. Why? Because it’s hard to focus when you’re all misty eyed.

The next transition is of course a little more serious. Now they really are on the cusp of growing up and not only heading towards those tumultuous teenage years but secondary school. The best graduation gifts at this age are gifts that get the message across that you recognise and understand that they’re not little kids any more.

Grown up graduation gifts for her may include a keepsake. Unique graduation gifts for her can include a plush toy to collect all the signatures and messages from her graduating classmates or a graduation album. Girls are more sentimental, and graduation gifts of this nature are warmly received.

A unique graduation gift that works for both boys and girls beginning high school is membership to a book club. If you can get your teenager to read and read widely then this will be one of the greatest graduation presents you’ll ever give.

A final thought on graduation gifts for boys and girls graduating from primary school is a licence to paint and decorate their own room. A graduation gift that allows them to stamp their identity on their own domain is priceless. But take a deep breath. Their room will never look the same again.

Graduation and graduation gifts become more serious at the top end of secondary school with the completion of V.C.E. or H.S.C. This is of course because you are acknowledging 13 years of schooling and one year in particular. Their final year.

There’s no doubt that the whole family rides the emotional waves through the final year because so much emphasis is placed on the final result. Will their score gain entry to the university course of their choice or perhaps to T.A.F.E or a vocational college? Perhaps it’s an apprenticeship they’ve got their heart set on. Or maybe it’s straight to work or perhaps a gap year.

No matter what, their efforts need to be acknowledged with unique graduation gifts. Graduation gifts that acknowledge that whilst still a teenager, in the eyes of the law they’re an adult. Most graduates can, by the time they’ve completed Year 12, vote, drive and fight for their country.

High school graduation gifts can be practical. What about a series of driving lessons? And it might be time for an upgrade on your car and pass one down. A car is not only a super cool graduation gift, but the gift of independence to both you and your teenager. And a GPS as a complimentary graduation gift will ensure they keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

And if it’s a trade they’re pursuing why not start them off with a tool kit. Now there’s a graduation gift with an eye to the future. As the proverb goes, “a tradie in the family is worth two in the directory”.

Your graduation gifts may be tools that foster academic success. An upgraded computer is always appreciated, so too Apps that will hone their study skills. Show that you’re truly a 21st century parent and as gifts for graduation, give Apps that help them capture lectures, revise, study for exams, plan their time or help construct a bibliography.

And finally, there are university graduation gifts and amongst these graduation gifts are some of the most traditional.

A briefcase embossed with their initials certainly makes an impression on entering their new workplace. As does their degree or certificate classically framed to adorn their office wall. Classy and classical graduation gifts.

Of course the graduation gifts are an important part of the celebration. But it’s just as important to gather all those who have contributed to the successful journey and acknowledge their contributions. A family dinner is lovely graduation gift - which may be a good time to tell the following joke...

It was graduation day and Mom was trying to take a picture of their son in a cap and gown, posed with his father. "Let's try to make this look natural "she said. "Junior, put your arm around your dad's shoulder." The father answered, "If you want it to look natural, why not have him put his hand in my pocket?"

While graduation gifts will be the highlight of their day, graduates can always use some practical advice. While they’re dreaming big, you can help them take care of the smaller details. Details for post graduation. For real-life. So let’s help you, help them, help themselves with some valuable graduation advice. Let’s get started.

  1. Don’t go crazy at Ikea. Yes it’s cheap. Maybe they have a job lined up post graduation. But until you have a place you’re going to live in for a long-time, you don’t want to be filling your apartment up with cheap furniture that will eventually be thrown out anyway.
  1. Wash your sheets. Okay, this is mostly for the boys/ young men graduating and moving out of home. You can’t tell them enough.
  1. Buy a nice suit/ dress. There will be job interviews. Weddings. Fancy dinner dates.
  1. Start saving your money… yesterday. When it comes to adulting, there’s often unexpected events that require some extra cash on hand. You don’t want noodles to be your staple after college.
  1. Remember your education doesn’t stop now. Keep learning.

And last but not least, the final graduation gift that you offer is not one of the many unique graduation gifts you came up with, but a piece of wisdom; “Now that you have positioned yourself to take on life’s challenges, be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

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