<strong>Smiles Are Infectious &amp; Happiness Is Contagious Too</strong><br>At Yellow Octopus, we believe that smiles are infectious and happiness is contagious too. As a happy-go-lucky Aussie, we know you believe it too. So let’s take a look at the science of happiness and see how you can share your joy with your family, friends, and neighbours. We draw on research from Harvard University, and more importantly, on our grandmother's wisdom. Ultimately, we’ll see why nobody is immune to a great gift. <br>

Happiness Is Contagious Too

Smiles Are Infectious & Happiness Is Contagious Too
At Yellow Octopus, we believe that smiles are infectious and happiness is contagious too. As a happy-go-lucky Aussie, we know you believe it too. So let’s take a look at the science of happin... Read More
Smiles Are Infectious & Happiness Is Contagious Too
At Yellow Octopus, we believe that s... Read More

Happiness Is Contagious Too

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Happiness Is Contagious Too

The evidence is irrefutable

The evidence is irrefutable: happiness is contagious. Harvard Medical School researcher, Nicholas Christakis, published in the National Academy of Science, emphatically proving happiness really is contagious. He found that when you have a happy friend living within a mile of you, you’re probably happy too. Interesting. He also demonstrated that the happiness contagion effect also spreads to spouses, siblings, and neighbours. Furthermore, once you share your happiness with someone else, they can share the feeling again with somebody else. “Just as some diseases are contagious we’ve found that many emotions can pulse through social networks,” Christakis said. He continues, “As a result, each person in a network can influence dozens or even hundreds of people, some of whom he or she does not know and has not met.” It’s irrefutable, smiles are infectious and happiness is contagious too.

The science is clear, but there’s an even better type of knowledge... that of our grandmother's wisdom. While the science may be falsifiable, a Grandmother's wisdom is irrefutable. What do Grandmothers show us? Grandmothers smother their grandchildren in kisses, share happy stories, and teach us how to be kind and to live with joy. Clearly, their actions, words and examples show us that happiness is contagious too. It’s clear how infectious it is. We know because we see the happiness they spread throughout their homes, community, and even across the globe—like when a Grandmother dressed up as the Easter Bunny during the coronavirus pandemic to delight the children in her neighbourhood. We didn't need the science to know that happiness is contagious, but we’re glad it confirms what our grandmothers have always taught us. Still, that’s only the beginning.

Happiness isn’t only contagious...

Why does Yellow Octopus care about spreading happiness? For the same reason you do; we love to see our family and friends in our neighbourhood and across the world filled with joy. It brings us happiness too. Plus, there are many more benefits. As published by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California Berkeley, generosity makes us feel happy, is beneficial for our health, promotes cooperation, and evokes gratitude. Happiness isn’t only contagious—it’s good for us too.

So how can we help spread happiness? We should be asking you. Australia is one of the happiest places on earth. We aren’t the lucky country because we have great coastlines and stunning mountains, we’re the lucky country because we’re filled with happy-go-lucky people. Naturally, the Aussie legends living down under have shown us the best ways to spread happiness is by helping your mates, cracking jokes, and making kind gestures—like helping a Grandmother with her shopping. So if you want to know the best way to spread joy, ask your neighbour. They’re an expert. Still, we have our own expertise, one that spreads happiness too. In fact, we deliver it right to your door.

At Yellow Octopus, we search Australia and beyond to find the absolute funniest, cutest, and most incredible gifts and gadgets. They’re a guaranteed way to spread happiness with your friends, family, and even yourself. We believe that shopping for happiness is the ultimate essential activity, and we have a pandemic of funny gifts. So don't mask your feelings, embrace the ultimate in social distancing—online shopping—and share an awesome gift with your loved one’s today.

Nobody is immune to a great gift

We have thousands of quirky gifts and gadgets to create tens of thousands of happy moments. You can put a smile on your little one's face and leave your best-friend feeling warm and fuzzy inside. There are winter warmers that are the perfect substitute for a hug, party gadgets perfect for a post-lockdown party, and even romantic gifts for your partner that say, “Thanks for putting up with me during the lockdown.” Nobody is immune to a great gift. That’s why we have a cluster of gifts for men that aren’t to be sneezed at, a huge range of gifts for women where you can sniff out a bargain, and mountains of gifts for kids. We have gifts for everyone because nobody is immune to great gifts. Let’s not ‘lockdown’ generosity.

Happiness delivered to your front door

As science shows us and as our grandmothers taught us, smiles are infectious and happiness is contagious. So go and get something fun from Yellow Octopus because the happiness delivered from great gifts is contagious too.