Hen's Party

Hen's Party

Before she says “I do”, have a hens night drink. Or two. Get a hens party gift on her final night before she joins Mr. Right. Turn your hens night up a notch with your hens party ideas (and especially your hens party gift ideas) to cre... Read More
Before she says “I do”, have a hens night drink. Or two. Get a hens party gift o... Read More

Hen's Party

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Hens Party Gift Ideas For An Epic Hens Night

Before she says “I do”, have a hens night drink. Or two. Get a hens party gift on her final night before she joins Mr. Right. Turn your hens night up a notch with your hens party ideas (and especially your hens party gift ideas) to create the hens night to top all hens nights.

Are you the maid of honour? You’re going to ensure her hens night is one she may not remember, yet one she will never forget. You want her hens party to leave the buck’s night looking lame. And you’ll know you’ve succeeded when your BFF gives you one final hug and whispers, “My hens party was one of the best experiences of my life, and I still can’t believe you bought that hens party gift!.”

But, unlike the occasional first-child in a marriage, the hens night isn’t going to be a happy accident. It requires planning. And the perfect hens party gift requires research.

All the besties will be hitting you up on hens party gift ideas, or hens party gift bag, so you need to put on the hens ideas thinking cap. And then there’s the venue for the party. And of course the hens night games and hens night dares.

Okay, so as the official organiser of the ultimate hens night, let’s get planning.

Firstly, pick the date of the hens night. Remember you don’t want the hens party too close to the wedding. It’s important everybody looks good on the big day, and you may require a night or two or three to recover.

At least a week out from the big day is advisable for the hens night (the further away the better). It has got to be selected well in advance to give all the hens a heads up. A highlight of the hens party is sharing a lifetime of single girl reminisces; funny, lame, sad and a little bit naughty, so the more to share in the mirth, the merrier. The more time you give for them to RSVP, the more will be able to make sure that they make it.

Next comes your role as the official hens party gift or hens party gift bag ideas advisor. All the hens are sure to want something fun for the night (think sausage shaped gifts) so you need to serious (silly) research hens party gift ideas.

Of course the party is a celebration so the bubbly will flow, much like the stories of the bride-to-be’s debauchery in days gone by. Champagne is a monty amongst hens party gift ideas, and bubbles in inscribed glasses always tastes that little bit better. No doubt the hen will say, “It’s my party so I get the extra large glass.” And you’ll tell her it may be needed when Mr Right exposes his little hidden flaws (all in good fun, of course!).

Blowing soapy bubbles has to make an appearance to go with drinking fizzy bubbles so a set of bubble makers are a must. Always a riot to see a group of grown women at a hens party channeling the little girl within. There’s nothing like some innocent fun at a hens night.

The hen must of course be adorned in the mandatory sash and tiara at her party so everybody can see who’s the centre of attention.

And you might decide to dish out the hens party gift ideas so that all the hens have a particular theme. One hens gift bag ideas may involve buying a few adult games to spice up the night. Hens gift bag ideas for others may include mood setters like scented candles, romantic lights, or something a little racier. Massage oils and chocolates make a lovely pairing. As does bath salts and a robe. The range of hens party gift ideas is as long as a bride’s train.

Now it’s time to make a decision on hens party themes. Fancy dress for the hens night is always a cracker. If you’re lucky the party may be attended by supergirl, batwoman, wonder woman or Jean Grey.

Maybe the hen will pull rank insisting that because it’s my party, I’ll set the hens party theme. “I want everyone to dress as Game Of Thrones characters.” Obviously at her own hens night she’ll be Daenerys, surrounded by Sansa, Cersei and Brienne and the GoT gang.

Or what about a classy hens party idea and have everybody dress to impress? There’s nothing like turning a head or two when the party strides through the door.

Next comes the party venue. Will you hire a party bus and tour the city hotspots with a toast atop the Eureka Tower? Or a hens night in Sydney may have you all climbing the harbour bridge? Followed by a night of clubbing and dancing?

For a hens night in Melbourne a cruise down the Yarra is amongst the great hens ideas. No one has to drive (thank-god!). The champagne will flow, the band will rock and the games... We’ll get to them soon.

Classy hens party ideas include high tea at the Windsor or hiring a marquee at one of the big days at the Spring carnival.

If it’s a subdued weekend you’re planning, nothing beats a winery region. Twenty odd hens on the winery walkabout. What a blast. And whilst it’s very popular amongst hens party ideas, make sure you’ve got a designated driver.

The party is all coming together and is going to be crazy. Hens party games and hens night dares are such a wild part of the night and will have everyone wetting themselves.

Start the party dares with this classic- something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Give the hens 5 minutes to collect one of each. The first with one of each wins.

It certainly helps with the hens party games if everyone’s a little less inhibited and a little more inebriated. And what’s a great hens party game for this - Bra Pong. Get everyone to attach a bra to a board and then try getting a ping pong ball into a cup. If the bride to be says, “My party, I go first” look out. She’s already fired up. And of course, a ball in a bra and everybody skulls.

Now you’re all loose, get the hens to play a few of these more flirty games... Get a business card or phone number from a stranger. Blow a kiss to the guy across the room. Get your picture with a man in uniform, or better still photobomb as many photos as you can. Find the biggest set of guns in the bar and take a selfie with his arms wrapped around you.

And if the party is at home then nothing beats charades (naughty or nice). Or try hidden parts; use an assortment of materials from around the house to build the anatomically perfect Mr. Right.

Well, there you have it. All the advice you need to organise the perfect hens night full of fun and frivolity.

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