<p style="text-align: left;">Quirky homeware is the best way to transform a bland abode into a stunning home decor. Quirky homewares will inject life into your living room, inspiration into your study, and brightness into your bedroom. So design your decor to match your style. Whether you’re after a geek chic home decor, bright and colourful, or a rustic decor, we have many home decor and living room ideas to choose from.</p>

Home Decor

Quirky homeware is the best way to transform a bland abode into a stunning home decor. Quirky homewares will inject life into your living room, inspiration into your study, and brightness into your bedroom. So design your decor to match y... Read More

Quirky homeware is the best way to transform a bland abode into a stunning home dec... Read More

Home Decor

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Quirky Homeware For A Stunning Home Decor

Inject some fun into your abode with some awesome home decor from Yellow Octopus. If being inside your house makes you feel bored and lifeless, then it’s definitely time for a change. Relax, all your home needs is some exciting decor to make it come to life, and in that area, we’ve definitely got you covered. Add a splash of colour to the walls, or accentuate your lounge with a printed cushion. Whatever direction you want to take your home in, there is an option for you at Yellow Octopus.


Get out of bland-town and bring some style and life to your plain-jane home. Make your home interior snap, crackle, and pop. Yellow Octopus has all the home decor elements you need to transform your home into an aesthetic wonderland. Whether it’s vibrant stuff for your walls, or stuff for your floor, stuff for the lounge or stuff for the bedroom, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest in home décor. Elevate your mood and spirits by making your home look great.
The home décor range includes prints and artwork, clocks, telephones, cushions, kitchenware, dining ware, barware, and glassware plus heaps more. If it has ‘ware’ in the title, we probably have it. And we’ve got stuff for all rooms of the house too – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, rumpus room, and garage. So no matter what finishing touches your home needs, you’ll find them at Yellow Octopus.
It doesn't matter whether you're starting from scratch, renovating your home or just want to touch up the interior with a few added furnishings. There's the fun and frivolous, the elegant, the ornate and the boutique spanning a huge range of styles from cheap to designer. Explore the lavish or focus on the eclectic.

Best Homewares Australia!

If you want awesome homewares without the hustle and bustle of the shopping strip, finding a park and all the other horrible associations of real life shopping, get some unreal homewares delivered super fast directly to your door. Shipped same day from our warehouse in Australia you will get the hottest trends without all the effort.
If you need some help and inspiration for home decorating, check out our 10 Top Home Decor Tips from Megan, our interior design expert, below:
> Inject Some Colour - The minimal Scandinavian look is fine, and whites and blacks can be the focal point of the majority of the home, however, there need to be some points of colour to create a warm feel. Whether it's a feature wall or some decorative cushions that pop off the sofas, colour is king.
> Fruit is In - Fruit patterns and designs are totally in and will be for a while. Pineapple and watermelon, in particular, epitomize the feeling of Summer.
> Plan on Pop Culture - Pop Culture has always been a hit from a home decor perspective. Artists like Andy Warhol really brought the brilliance of pop culture designs into the public eye. Since then there have been a plethora of films and TV shows, music and literature to draw inspiration from. For example, our big range of pop culture posters and wall art.
> Think Retro - Spicing up your home with some vintage and retro themed home decor options can really set your abode apart from the rest of the pack. Referencing historical moments, or movements, in time can be a fantastic way to exhibit your eclectic style.
> Consider Storage - It might not be the most glamorous thing to think about, but storage is key to a well-designed home. Eliminating clutter wherever possible will draw more attention to the stylistic elements of your house.
> Timing Is Everything - Wall clocks are not simply there to tell you the time, they are statement pieces unto themselves. There's a trend towards bigger is better. A big elegant clock face on your wall can be a real show stopper
> 'Interior' Design Isn't Everything - The inside of your house is mightily important, but don't put all your eggs in one basket. The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. This is what people see initially, and how they form their first impressions of your home. Spruce up the yard and your outdoor entertaining area with eco-friendly, fun outdoor decor items
> Quirky Kitchen - People often end up focussing all of their attention on the living area and bedroom, and neglect the kitchen. But this is one of the most frequently used parts of your house. Setting up your kitchen with the appropriate gadgets and utensils can really make a difference
> Kids Conundrum - Working out what to do with the kids' rooms is always tough. But keeping things open and fluid is the way to go. Kids change quickly from age to age, so unless you want to be changing up the decor every 6 months, it's better to select something that stands the test of time in the long run
> Art Attack - Many people are afraid of art. They find it confronting, exclusive and just downright confusing. But you don't have to have an innate knowledge of the art world or have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend. There are plenty of affordable prints and wall art options available that will give you the look you desire without the hefty price tag.

Never Leave The Couch Thanks To Home Decor Online

Shopping for your quirky homewares just got wayyy easier. With home decor online Australia, you can find living room ideas while sitting in your living room. Need some geek chic home decor ideas? Thanks to home decor online Australia you can find them while playing Star Wars in the background. Styling your home doesn’t have to be so hard. With these awesome decor ideas and home decor online delivery, you can design your living room without leaving your couch.

Home Decor Afterpay: How It Works

By using home decor Afterpay, you can get your home decor sorted now and pay later. How does it work? Since Afterpay is fully integrated with our online store, you simply need to select it as your payment method. Then Afterpay will split your payment into four equal payments due each fortnight. It’s quick and easy to create an account, so you can receive your home decor Afterpay purchases sooner.