Joseph Joseph Designer Kitchenware

Joseph Joseph Designer Kitchenware

Joseph Joseph creates award-winning designer kitchenware that’s loved from London to New York. They have a range of innovative products that make your kitchen look more stylish while simultaneously making your kitchen easier to use. Their products, from chopping boar... Read More
Joseph Joseph creates award-winning designer kitchenware that’s loved from London to New York. They have a range... Read More

Joseph Joseph Designer Kitchenware

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Joseph Joseph Australia Designer Kitchenware

Who Are Joseph Joseph?

Joseph Joseph are a designer kitchenware brand that is committed to innovation. In 2003, the two Joseph brothers, Antony and Richard, launched Joseph Joseph. They had grown up in a family manufacturing business and developed a passion for designing and building products. The brand’s first products were a simple glass chopping board and a few other items. Now, the Joseph Joseph chopping board is enormously popular, along with their other beautiful Joseph Joseph products.

Joseph Joseph Australia & Worldwide

Joseph Joseph has grown to be a worldwide brand sold in over 100 countries. They have offices in London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Tokyo, and New York. Of course, we can’t forget Joseph Joseph Australia. Here at Yellow Octopus we love the Joseph Joseph design aesthetic and products. And so do Australian chefs, families, and cooks. Joseph Joseph Australia has become popular in kitchens across Australia, from Tassie to Townsville. And for all your Joseph Joseph Australia products, you can find them right here at Yellow Octopus.

The Joseph Joseph Chopping Board

We know the Joseph Joseph brand began with a simple glass chopping board. But now you can choose from a range of awesome Joseph Joseph chopping boards. There’s the Joseph Joseph Chop 2 Pot Plus Chopping Board which has a clever design that lets you use your Joseph Joseph chopping board, then fold it up so you can easily pour your ingredients into the pot. There’s also the Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set & Case which contains four colour-coded chopping boards to help prevent food cross-contamination. You can also choose the beautiful Joseph Joseph Bamboo Folding Chopping Board which is made from a dense bamboo that resists water and moisture. Finally, there’s the Joseph Joseph Chop & Drain Colander Chopping Board which lets you chop and then wash your vegetables without needing to use a colander. There really is a Joseph Joseph cutting board for every situation.

The Joseph Joseph Bin

Who would have thought the humble bin could be such a coveted item? But that’s exactly what has happened thanks to the stunning and clever design of the Joseph Joseph bin Australia. But there’s not just one Joseph Joseph bin Australia to choose from, there’s two. There’s the Joseph Joseph Titan Rubbish Compactor Bin which features a compacting rubbish handle and an odour neutralising insert. Then there’s the Joseph Joseph Stainless Steel Split 6 Bathroom Recycling Bin which has split compartments for waste and recycling. Just like every Joseph Joseph Australia product, they’re designed to be beautiful and ingenious.

The Joseph Joseph Dish Rack

Who would have thought the dish rack could be reinvented? Nobody did until Joseph Joseph made it awesome. The Joseph Joseph Expandable Dish Rack extends for extra storage space. So whenever you need more space for your dishes, it’s right there. That’s the sort of clever practicality we’ve come to expect from Joseph Joseph Australia.

More Joseph Joseph Designer Kitchenware

There are so many incredible Joseph Joseph Australia designer kitchenware products to choose from. A few favourites include the Rolling Pin, Nest Utensils, Spiralizer, Garlic Rocker, and Egg Poacher. If you want a smarter more aesthetic kitchen, look no further than Joseph Joseph Australia.