Kids DIY Toys

Kids DIY Toys

Want the best kids DIY toys? You’re in the right place. We’ve got the most popular toys—that kids can build with their own hands. In fact, these are the most popular kids DIY toys in Australia. And we’ve got a DIY toy for every chil... Read More

Want the best kids DIY toys? You’re in the right place. We’ve got the most po... Read More

Kids DIY Toys

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Kids DIY Toys

Inspire curiosity and develop creativity with the best DIY toys for kids 

You learn more when you do it yourself. When you read a book—you know. But when you build something with your hands—you understand. Kids DIY toys may seem like innocent fun, but they can teach kids important scientific concepts, develop their motor skills, and boost their creativity. And the best bit is kids have so much fun with them that they don’t even realise how much they’re learning. 

Our hand-picked range of DIY toys

Naturally, the best DIY toys are hand-picked. While we have a diverse range of DIY toys, there are three main categories they fit into:
- Science kits: It’s never too early to help kids build a passion for science. But don’t start out with a boring textbook. Our DIY experiments are the place to begin. 
- Art projects: Creativity is born from art projects. They let kids create their own style, connect new ideas, and make something original. That’s pretty good for a humble kids toy. 
- Colouring: Colouring books and projects are the old-school DIY toys that are still cool. They are a classic kids DIY toy for a reason.

DIY toys are a secret teacher

Kids know they are learning when they’re at school. But it’s a secret that they’re learning when they’re playing with these fun DIY toys. And what exactly are they learning? As the research shows:
- DIY toys help kids develop a number of abilities:
- Coordination and fine motor skills
- Persistence and how to overcome challenges
- Deep concentration
- High levels of creativity
- Problem-solving
- Inspiring their imagination

Give them the gift of intelligence with a kids DIY toy

There are a million and one fun gifts you can give kids (and you’ll find the best of them on this website). But how many of them also build their creativity, develop their concentration, and increase their intelligence? When you buy a DIY kit, you’re helping kids learn—even if they don’t realise it at the time. So next birthday, Christmas, or school holidays—do it right with a DIY gift.

At Yellow Octopus, we hand-pick the best gifts and gadgets for Aussies. These DIY toys are the most popular, so you know kids will love them. Select your favourites above.