<p><a name="kitchen"></a>Decorate your home and garden with the latest quirky, cool, and modern home accessories, homewares, and design elements. Whether your home is in the minimalist mould, channelling the retro feel, or is all about contemporary chic, you be able to find inspiring home décor options to suit your humble abode. And don’t stop at your own front door; why not grab a gift for your mother-in-law, sister or friend? The great thing about our homewares is that there’s a lot of them, which means there are home décor options for new homes, old homes or homes that are somewhere in between.<br><br></p>
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Decorate your home and garden with the latest quirky, cool, and modern home accessories, homewares, and design elements. Whether your home is in the minimalist mould, channelling the retro feel, or is all about contemporary chic, you be able ... Read More

Decorate your home and garden with the latest quirky, cool, and modern home accessories... Read More

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Kitchen Gadgets

Quirky Kitchen Utensils, Fun Cooking gadgets, Food & Drink

There’s a tool for every task. There’s a myriad of tasks to complete in the kitchen and you need a myriad of tools to get the job done. From clever dish racks to reusable food containers, we have the best kitchen gadgets Australia. Whether you’re baking bread in Tassie, or cooking crab in Queensland, we’ve got the kitchen utensils that you need. In Australia, we’ve adopted cuisines from all over the world. That means there are so many different styles of cooking, you’re going to need a lot of kitchen gadgets to handle them all. But that’s no worry here, Yellow Octopus have you covered. So find some space in your kitchen cabinet because you’re going to need it with all these handy gadgets to help you cook.

Kitchenware is the secret ingredient. The best thing about cool kitchen gadgets, is they don’t only help you make exciting new dishes, they make life easier for you. Ironically, the more kitchen accessories you have, the easier it is to manage your kitchen. When you’ve got a tool for every task, you become a hyper-efficient kitchen master. These kitchen accessories will turn you into a kung fu kitchen whizz, slicing watermelon and dicing tomatoes faster than you can say karate. It sounds silly, but having an efficient kitchen really does make life easier. When you’ve got lots of things to do and places to do, it’s nice to be able to always rely on a well stocked kitchen from the essentials to the best kitchen gadgets. So if you want to make your life easier in the kitchen, increase your kitchen skills and efficiency by adding some nifty kitchen gadgets.

Joseph Joseph kitchenware has incredible styling. While we all want the speed and efficiency of a commercial kitchen, we don’t want its styling. Commercial kitchens are just that: a place of work where meals are made fast and efficient. But while fast and efficient is great, we don’t want our own kitchen to feel like a work space. We want it to feel like home. Relaxing. Tranquil. Creative. So that’s why our kitchen gadgets aren’t only handy, they’re beautiful. They’re designed with a sleek style that elevates your kitchen to an elegant space. Great gadgets are more than useful, they’re beautiful. And for stylish kitchen gadgets, there’s none better than those made by Joseph Joseph, who make stunningly designed and quality products. So when you want gorgeous well-made gadgets, you need go no further than the collection of Joseph Joseph kitchen gadgets here ate yellow Octopus.

The kitchen is an integral part of the home. It is where we create the food that keeps us sustained and feeds our families; at its most basic form it’s the life support of the home. And let’s face it, everybody needs to eat! But it is more than just sustenance, the kitchen is where magic happens, where memories are created, and inspiration is sparked. This is a place where you can be creative and express yourself; you can succeed, fail and laugh in the process.

Food connects everyone and brings us together. Food is all about sharing and love. Maybe you just enjoy baking a few muffins every now and again, or maybe you are more serious and into more advanced cooking techniques such as the confit, the sous vide or the terrifying ‘will it rise’ soufflé. Perhaps you’re in training for the next season of My Kitchen Rules or MasterChef. Or maybe you just like feeding the ones you love with delicious food! No matter what your motivations in the kitchen, you are sure to find something that will turn your food in the kitchen from mediocre to bitchen!

Yellow Octopus is a great place to get the cutting edge gear for the kitchen. Make sure your kitchen is up to speed with all the latest in cookware, gadgets and accessories. Whether you’re whipping up a quick midweek meal, or creating a three course masterpiece for friends, your life will be easier with the right tools. There is plenty of fun stuff too, so you can get the kids involved in cooking and baking from a young age. Serve up your soup with the seriously popular Nessie Ladle from Ototo. or how about something a bit quirky that the kids will love like the Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper, or cook your partner a special love filled breakfast with the Heart Shaped Frying Pan.

The best thing about kitchen products is that almost everyone cooks, which means something for the kitchen is always a great gift idea. Whether it’s a Housewarming gift or a birthday present, something for the kitchen will always impress a foodie. The innovative design options from Joseph Joseph are always a hit, with gift ideas that include the Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher which is super handy to have in the kitchen drawer, or the 9 piece Food Preparation Kit which is great for baking, and is a great space saving storage solution to minimise clutter in the kitchen. The ‘Duo’ Magnetic Knife set is a great gift idea for cheese lovers, whilst the Samurai Cake Knife is a quirky way to cut up the birthday cake.