<p><span>The home of ultimate Mother's Day Gifts. Mum, mummy, ma, mama, mother – they’re all synonyms, words for describing the most awesome person in the world. And you don’t get the most important person in the world just any old mundane, boring or generic gift. On Mother’s </span>Day<span> it’s time to bring out the big guns. An</span><span class="morecontent">d here at Yellow Octopus, we’ve got a serious artillery of unique <strong>gifts for mum </strong>that will really show her that you love her. From designer homewares to funny books, stuff for the kitchen, stuff for the garden and a stack of novelty gifts that are sure to put a smile on her face. Yellow Octopus is the home of <strong>Mother’s Day gift ideas</strong> with super-fast delivery to anywhere in Australia<br></span></p>

Mother's Day

The home of ultimate Mother's Day Gifts. Mum, mummy, ma, mama, mother – they’re all synonyms, words for describing the most awesome person in the world. And you don’t get the most important person in the world just any old mundane, boring or generic gift. On... Read More

The home of ultimate Mother's Day Gifts. Mum, mummy, ma, mama, mother – they’re all synonyms, words for... Read More

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Mums are the lifeblood of the family. We should all spoil our mothers and shower them with gifts every day to show how much we care. But in the real world, this unfortunately just isn’t possible. Mother’s Day is the true celebration, one day where we can show how muuch we appreciate what they do. It’s the big day – May 8th – where everything is about them. No matter who your mum is, or what she likes, at Yellow Octopus we’ve got Mother’s Day gifts to suit all tastes, even Mum’s who have everything.

Is your mum a whizz in the kitchen? Does she know how to whip up a mean Lasagne? Or an unbelievable sponge cake? If your Mum loves to cook then give her what she needs in the kitchen. We don’t have all the boring stuff that she already owns, we’ve got new whizzz stuff she won’t have even seen before. Yellow Octopus has all the gear that is both cutting edge in design and technology. We’ve got chopping boards that don’t look like real chopping boards, oven mitts that look like bananas, and carrot pencil sharpeners. Turn your Mum’s kitchen into a weird and wonderful universe.

If your mum is more of a 2-Minute noodles aficionado, with no culinary skills to speak of then there is an exhaustive list of other options. If your Mum is a wine lover then we have everything she could possibly need to make having a tipple more enjoyable. Therre are plenty of unusual gifts for mum in this category. For example, the ever popular Wine Glass Bottle which holds an entire bottle of wine is always a huge hit. There’s also the Wine Journal which will allow her to document her vino adventures and take notes on her favourite wines like a real sommelier. And it doesn’t stop at wine, there are countless Mother’s Day gifts for whiskey lovers, beer lovers and everything in between. If mum isn't much of a drinker, there's plenty of stuff tea related gear if she doesn't mind the odd cuppa.  

Your mum has been with you through thick and thin. She’s laughed with you, cried with you, wiped your bot-bot, and been there for you when you needed her the most. The journey of a mother is by no means a boring one. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions with highs and lows, but mainly highs! It would be a shame to get her something boring for mother’s day. Don’t forget that mums have a sense of humour too! That’s why we shun the obvious stuff like flowers, and stock a plethora of interesting alternatives. The best gift you can give on Mother’s Day is your company, but surely the second best gift is something that makes her laugh. Here at Yellow Octopus we pride ourselves on having unusual gifts for mum, novelty gifts and straight up weird gifts.

If you can’t afford to spend much this Mother’s Day, then have no fear because we’ve got your back. Not only do we have some really high-end stuff, but we’ve also got plenty of more affordable options. There’s heaps of cheap Mother’s Day gifts and Mother’s Day gifts for under $30.

If you’ve had a good look around and are still stuck on what to get Mum for Mother’s Day then it may be useful to check out our gift finder, which makes finding the right gift an absolute breeze. And don't forget to look after Dad too, we've got the old boys covered withh a stack of Father's Day gifts available for dads of all ages.

What is Mother's Day and how is it celebrated?

Mother's Day is a day used to celebrate the efforts and achievements of mothers or mother figures and this may include stepmothers, foster mothers or close family relatives or friends in a maternal position. Modern day Mother's Day is often celebrated by children be... 

Celebrations in different forms of mums and motherhood can be traced back to ancient times. Civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans often held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses. 

The most relevant modern iteration of Mother's Day is the early Christian festival known as 'Mothering Sunday', which was based around the notion of bringing gifts to the Mother Church. 

Mother's Day is not a public holiday and businesses, banks and transport is open as usual however places such as bars and restaurants can be booked out well in advance for the occasion. Similarly, popular items sell out in the lead up to the big day so make sure to organise your gifts for mum early!

When is Mother's Day?

In Australia, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year. This means that in 2017 it will fall on Sunday, May 14th. Next year in 2018 Mother's Day will fall on Sunday, May 13th. 

Mother's Day is celebrated on different days in different countries, however, some countries celebrate on the same day. For example, the United States also celebrates Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May so their celebrations for 2017 will also fall on May 14th this year.

In the United Kingdom, Mother's Day is commonly known as 'Mothering Sunday'. Mothering Sunday in the UK occurs exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday which means it will take place on Sunday, March 26 in 2017 and on Sunday, March 11 in 2018. 

What gifts are generally given at Mother's Day?

Traditionally gifts for mum include items such as cakes, flowers, jewelry, and clothing are given, however, over recent years, the diversity of Mother's Day Gifts has broadened. It is now commonplace to give all sorts of weird and wonderful items such as those at Yellow Octopus! Like Christmas or Birthdays, the protocol governs that you should also provide a card with your gift. 

Gift Guide: Our Top 10 Gifts for Mum

You don’t need an excuse to buy your mum a gift. Don’t wait until Mother’s Day, get your mum a present any day of the year and surprise her. Show your mum how much you really care. But now that it is Mother's Day, it's time to get sorted;What can we say about mums that hasn’t already said. Not much really. They’re loving, they’re caring, they’re there for us when we need them and there is only one day a year to celebrate their contribution to our lives? We think that’s a rip off. It should be Mother’s Day every day, and you can make it that way. Get your mum a sneaky pressie from Yellow Octopus. How about some stuff for the kitchen, or some gear for the garden? Or is your mum more of a LOLs person? Get her something funny from our huge novelty range.

She gave birth to you, washed you, dressed you, and ultimately, she raised you. So what do you get someone who has given everything to you? Something from Yellow Octopus, of course! Although sifting through the sea of Mother's Day gifts may seem like a daunting task, finding your mother a gift isn’t really that difficult. As long as you find her something personal, slightly different, and most importantly, something from the heart, you will nail it, every time! We have thoughtful and equally funny gifts for mum that your mother will love this Mother's Day

  1. What I Love About You by Me (Fill in the blanks journal) - The ultimate, affordable way to say 'I Love You Mum'
  2. Make Your Own Cheese Kit - Who doesn't like cheese? 
  3. Slow Brew Sloth Tea Strainer & Infuser - The cutest cuppa getting around
  4. Letters Scrabble Silicone Trivet - Stylish serving solution to the letter 
  5. Heat Feet: Microwavable Slippers - Mums get cold, it's a fact. Keep her tootsies warm
  6. I Love You Chocolate Bar - Chocolate and love? What more is there?
  7. Mighty Wine Glass - Impossible to knock over 
  8. Karlsson Copper Tabletop Alarm Clock - Mums are busy, make sure she's on time
  9. Scrabble Tea Towel 
  10. Automatic Handbag Light - Don't let the bottomless pit suck up her stuff 

Mother's Day Ideas - Beyond The Gift

Mother's Day Gifts are only half the battle when it comes to planning the perfect day on may 17.