<p><span>If you’re reading this you’ve stumbled into the </span><strong>naughty &amp; inappropriate gifts</strong><span> section, you scallywag you. Don't pretend it was a mistake. This is where you’ll find all the stuff to do with sex, swearing, farting, drinking and did we mention SEXXXXXXXX. I think you’ve got the idea. This is 18+ NSFW etc etc<br></span></p>

Naughty Gifts

If you’re reading this you’ve stumbled into the naughty & inappropriate gifts section, you scallywag you. Don't pretend it was a mistake. This is where you’ll find all the stuff to do with sex, swearing, farting, drinking an... Read More

If you’re reading this you’ve stumbled into the naughty & inappropriate gifts Read More

Naughty Gifts

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A seriously wrong selection of inappropriate gifts

Are you a little bit naughty by nature? Or do you know someone that is? Well good because this is the naughty, rude, bum bum, willy section. So if you are under 18 please divert your eyes. Are you looking for a mischievous little gift for a loved one? A little romance perhaps. No matter what the situation, you're sure to find something that is a bit risque. Shipped fast from our Melbourne warehouse, you'll get your rude adult items in next to no time.

OK look, we are not a sex shop per se. We don't stock the really intense gear, so if you are after that you're in the wrong place. Our stuff is naughty but nice at the same time. This is the sort of adult gear that is way above the kid and teen level, but isn't grossly over the top. This is the spot where you'll get your funny adult gifts, the ones that you can only give to certain people with a high risque appetite. Some would say these rude novelty gifts are obscene. But naughty presents are meant to be just that, totally and utterly naughty. If you can't handle the heat then it is time to divert your fragile eyes and get out of the kitchen. So what makes the perfect naughty gift you may ask? There are a few elements that may contribute to a home run.


Swear words are inherently quite naughty, you would have to agree. There are varying levels of rude when it comes to swearing depending on your levels of tolerance. We have quite the collection of goods that are in some way swearing related. From the popular F*ck The Game cardgame to the entirely outlandish *UNT Mug. We've got most of your common expletives covered in some way or another with t-shirts, mugs and games aimed at naughty adults.

Farting and Poo

Potty humour. It never really gets old, and here at Yellow Octopus we fully endorse a fart joke. We also endorse our large (probably too large) range of adult poo products.


It wouldn't be a proper naughty gifts section without a bona fide adult sex contingency. We certainly don't stock anything that is offensive or pornographic, but there is some naughty stuff in there for couples. There's a lot of kinky stuff that is ideal for a fun and sexy Valentine's day.

Naughty Gifts Range

Some great examples of our naughty gifts section are the karma sutra playing cards and fluffy love handcuffs to spice things up a bit. Thinking of playing a little prank on someone? You can’t go past the tried and tested whoopee cushion. And if you want to be downright rude why not get someone the C*nt mug!

We have all the cheeky, eye-widening, fun, and somewhat useful naughty gifts for your friend or maybe your ‘friend’. Shop for anything and everything dirty, naughty (sometimes sexy), and outright cheesy.

Do you need to buy something for that someone who’s just that little bit inappropriate? That friend or family member that likes to take the occasional trip to wrong town? Do you need something that packs a bit more of a punch than your stock standard beige gift? Find the perfect inappropriate gift for your inappropriate friend, family or colleague at Yellow Octopus.

There’s many an occasion when you just want something that’s totally inappropriate. Whether it’s for a cheeky birthday surprise or for a Kris Kringle. Find an innapropriate gift for under 20 bucks that is guaranteed to generate a few laughs between friends. Keep the LOLS rolling at Yellow Octopus.

Wanna make things a little saucy? You got a partner or friend you want to turn the heat up on a notch? Bring things up to 100 degrees Celsius with some boundary-pushing naughty gifts from Yellow Octopus. Whether it’s to keep the spark of love alive or make a good friend squirm with awkwardness. Find an R rated gift for some adult only fun.

Swearing Gifts

Gifts we literally swear by. If you’re known to be partial to dropping a few F-Bombs then our range of gifts incorporating some flowery language might be right up your alley.

The Yellow Octopus vernacular of crass, sultry and downright insulting spans far and wide. Slogans that are all kinds of impertinent and insolent, cheeky and audacious. Rolling out the F Bomb, the C Bomb. We’re talking crap, shit and poo, if you’re looking for vulgar gifts, then what we’ve got is for you.