Oww! Where’re the <strong>oven mitts</strong>? Damn! My top’s dirty - where’s a <strong>novelty apron</strong>? Ughh! These dishes are wet - hand me a <strong>tea towel</strong>. It doesn’t matter how hi-tech our kitchens get, the absolute essentials are still oven mitts, aprons, and tea towels. And that’s why tea- towels, oven mitts, and novelty aprons still make great gifts.

Novelty Aprons, Oven Mitts & Tea Towels

Oww! Where’re the oven mitts? Damn! My top’s dirty - where’s a novelty apron? Ughh! These dishes are wet - hand me a tea towel. It doesn’t matter how hi-tech our kitchens get, the absolute essentials are still oven m... Read More
Oww! Where’re the oven mitts? Damn! My top’s dirty - where’s a novelty apron? ... Read More

Novelty Aprons, Oven Mitts & Tea Towels

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Novelty Aprons & Novelty Oven Mitts

Novelty Oven Mitts, Aprons & Tea Towels Australia

Oven mitts, aprons, and tea towels don’t have to be bland. Unique novelty aprons, oven mitts or tea towels add a bit of pizzazz to the kitchen. The chef can make a bold statement without offering a word.

The Quirky Kitchen Necessity
Clever quirky aprons are a must have in the kitchen cabinet. If it’s the spice that flavours a dish, it’s novelty aprons that spice up a kitchen decor. Whether you’re baking biscuits by yourself or preparing a dinner party for twelve, these novelty aprons Australia add a little romanticism to your kitchen. Whether you’re a pirate or a superhero, novelty aprons help you kick-a** in the kitchen. So grab your apron of choice and you’ll be ready to cook up an exciting meal in your novel apron.

Add Some Spice To Your Kitchen
These novelty aprons are about more than looking good. Or let's be honest—looking fantastic. They add a fun dynamic to your home-cooked meals, weekend BBQs, and divine dinner parties. They do more than protect your clothes, they create a party atmosphere. Yellow Octopus has all the cool and quirky gifts, so why would novelty aprons be any different? So when you want to spice up your kitchen, don’t only think of spices, think of these cool and quirky novelty aprons Australia. With one of these novelty aprons, you’re guaranteed to be the coolest and quirkiest in the kitchen.

Kitchen Necessities Make Lovely Gifts for Grandma
What Grandmas love is a gift they use daily that reminds them of you. Yep, tea towels, oven mitts, and aprons. And they’re gifts that they can proudly show their friends that you think about them.

Make Sure King Of The BBQ Has His Tools
The King of the BBQ needs all three at once. An apron to keep off the oil and grease, oven mitts for hot trays (dropped meat because of a hot tray is truly devastating), and tea-towels to cover the snags from flies (and food thieves).

Kids Moving Out? Make Sure They’ve Got What They Need
Remember the glory box? You know, that old tradition designed to ensure a new home had the necessities. Well, blokes in particular shift out unprepared. They may protest a little at your mothering when you hand them a glory box, but deep down where they live, you’re a legend. Dishes don’t dry themselves and tea towels don’t dry instantly. Seven tea towels is a good number. One for each day. Believe me, they’ll use all the tea towels you buy them. Now onto oven mitts. “Nahh, I’m tough. I’ll manage,” they say. Well let them in on this little gem. Oven mitts were Invented by Earl Mitt a baker from Austin Texas in the 1870s after disfiguring his hand in a baking accident. So, if a tough Texan needs oven mitts, so will they. And what about a cheeky apron? Something a little whacky toughens up the image. And tell them about how many good tops you’ve spoiled preparing food or those grease spots that never came out of Dad’s t-shirt after barbecuing.

The Most Appreciated House Warming
They say ‘don’t bring a thing’ on the invite. However, translated that means; we’ll gladly appreciate any gift on offer. They’ll have the big items. Bed. Fridge. T.V. Chairs. But in all their excitement to move in they’ll have overlooked oven mitts, tea towels, and aprons. So let these novelty tea towels, oven mitts, and aprons be an extension of their quirky personality.

Must Haves For Mum
If it’s from the kids, Mums will love oven mitts, tea towels, and aprons. And don’t forget one for Dad as well! Then add a witty line to their card like “Here’s a handy gift,” “You can never wipe your hand of me,” and “Here’s a gift WITH strings attached,” for oven mitts, tea towels, and aprons.

Aprons, oven mitts, and tea-towels are gifts for all seasons and gifts for all reasons. And they’re a great gift to stockpile because they’re timeless. So get your kitchen necessities now.