<p>In a lot of ways most of our gifts are quirky, I mean that’s what we specialize in. But this section is for the REALLY quirky stuff. We’re talking zany, wacky, unconventional, trippy, kooky, hare-brained stuff. We’ve really lost the plot here when it comes to quirky gifts.</p>

Novelty Gifts

In a lot of ways most of our gifts are quirky, I mean that’s what we specialize in. But this section is for the REALLY quirky stuff. We’re talking zany, wacky, unconventional, trippy, kooky, hare-brained stuff. We’ve really lost the plot here when it comes to quir... Read More

In a lot of ways most of our gifts are quirky, I mean that’s what we specialize in. But this section is for t... Read More

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Have you got a friend or family member that is just weird? Who’s into pretty out there stuff? Maybe you’re that person. When it comes to buying gifts for someone that’s just a little bit off centre, the options are limited. And that’s where we step in. We have got weird (yet equally wonderful) gifts for men, gifts for women, and gifts for kids. If you are after a boring, beige, play-it-safe gift then we suggest you exist your web browser immediately, trot on down to Myer and purchase a pair of grey socks. Boring just isn’t in our vocabulary.

Novelty Gifts

Something described as novelty is something new, showing originality and typically unusual. It could be an odd trinket, often it is an odd, inexpensive toy, game or trinket. They are not complicated, they are simple. They are no beige, they are every colour of the rainbow.

With a name like Yellow Octopus, you better believe that we know how to do novelty gifts the right way. Starting as a 1-man start-up, working out of a tiny warehouse, we’ve grown into a gift machine. And whilst we might have grown up and become a bit more ‘businessy’ we’re still kids at heart. We built this businesse around fun, and we’ve stuck to our guns.

We are the “in your face” to boredome. We stand tall against the drudgery of the everyday 9-5 lifestyle. We are completely against normal. Boring gifts simply disgust us. You may think this is over the top, but we care about novelty gifts dear reader, we care A LOT! Based on the definition of ‘novelty’ you could classify any of gifts within the category. But this category is not for all gifts, this is for the super-dooper, LOL, laugh-out-loud, fun and completely awesome novelty gifts.

When it comes to gift giving, there is a very fine line between ‘novelty’ and ‘useless’. There is that complete and utter junk that ends up in the dark depths of a drawer somewhere, and then there is funny, novelty gear that stands the test of time. You know which category we fall into! Now you’ve probably got a million different people to buy gifts for at different stages of the year, whether it be birthdays, Christmas or even a housewarming.

There are the type of people who you buy serious gifts for, and then there are those more ‘light-hearted’ people in your life who simply want to get in on the limitless gag. The person you’re hunting for might not want a yellow towel for their birthday, but they sure might love a towel shaped as a Pineapple. That is, coincidentally, also yellow. The people most important to you are probably craving freshness and innovation. Perhaps you hang out with oddballs, clowns, and weirdos. Perhaps everyone just loves a good, old-fashioned laugh. Whatever the case might be, you’ll definitely be able to lighten their mood with one of our awesome novelty gifts.

What are the advantages of a novelty gift over a normal gift?

Well, to start with, novelty gifts are affordable. You can pick something up from Yellow Octopus with a smile guarantee for under $30 dollars which makes them perfect for just about any situation. They are thoughtful, without requiring much thought on your behalf. You don’t have to know every last thing about the person who you’re buying for, because they’re suitable for just about anyone. Normal gifts often come with a hefty price tag and end up being quite dull and lifeless. People deal with the mundane every day at work, they shouldn’t have to feel its power when they receive a gift! You and the gift recipient can have a grand old chuckle when the gift is opened. Just imagine their face when the wrapping comes off!

Who are novelty gifts designed for?

Novelty gifts are for everyone. It doesn’t matter what gender, age or inclination! Fun is universal.

How much are novelty gifts?

If you buy them from Yellow Octopus they’re cheap, but without skimping on quality. We pack and ship on the same day which means you’ll be salvaged if you’ve left things until the last minute. Our flat rate shipping policy means that it doesn’t matter how many you order, you’ll still get everything to your door for a measly $8.99. You can fit a quirky, novel present into even the slimmest of budgets.

What different types of novelty gifts are there?

There’s all manner of strange, wonderful and utterly magic contraptions, mugs, gadgets, gizmos, and toys. The quirky and original comes in all shapes and sizes. In all different colours. There are creative decorative gifts for the kitchen. There’s puns, one-liners, and jokes galore. There are riddles and fiddles and everything in between. If you love to jest then novelty is the only way. Embrace the silly. Get up to some mischief with friends. Live a little.

Is novelty gifts all you guys care about?

Of course not. We are not some one-trick pony. Whilst we love farting bottle openers, BBQ branding irons which let you stamp your name on a steak and plenty of LOLcats, we’re not solely about novelty gifts. Of course we stock plenty of more ‘serious’ items for the home. There are plenty of kitchen gifts, homewares and kids educational toys that are much less joke orientated but equally original.

Why buy a novelty gift?

The simple answer is, why not? It's all about imagination. There are two options. You go and spend hundreds on something that is just hopelessly bland, or you spend a little and guarantee brimming smiles for weeks. The choice is up to you. You will be able to express your feelings for the ones you love in a warm and fresh way.

The best part about buying a novelty gift from Yellow Octopus, is that it’s pretty much guaranteed that they won’t already have it. Not only are our quirky presents unique and original, they’re basically one of a kind. We stock a range of stuff that is simply not available anywhere else in Australia. Our vibrant, talented buying team scours the globe up and down to find rare and original novelty gifts that will blow people's socks off. What says ‘I care about you more’ than something that nobody else will have? Our awesome stuff doesn’t just meet expectations, it exceeds them.

Some of our great novelty gifts include stuff like odd socks with funny and cute messages. Colourful mugs emblazoned with witty quips, riddles, and puns. Stuff that is rude and a little bit naughty. Some cool stuff that’s a little bit gross (but hilarious at the same time!) There’s glow in the dark zombie stickers. LOL stuff for cat lovers like our Cat DJ turntables. There’s a stack of cheap and cheerful bottle openers. What about some hilarious t-shirts? Or some drinking games for that next party you’re hosting? We’re not jesting.

The Yellow Octopus Quality Guarantee:

In the unlikely event that someone doesn’t collapse with laughter, hug you, kiss you and shower you with praises after receiving one of our awesome novelty gifts we’re more than happy to swap it over, or provide you with a full refund. We must stress that this is very unlikely to occur. But if gives you the piece of mind that you can always grab something else. Or alternatively, get something for yourself instead! With over 3000 different gifts, there’s an abundance of choice!

Shop Local, Think Global

Yellow Octopus is a Melbourne based company, but the world of novelty gifts spans far and wide, so we leave no stone unturned when delivering high-quality mischief and mayhem. Some of our best selling novelty gifts include the Arse Face novelty soap, the oversized UNT mug, the hilarious Sandal Socks, the ridiculously cool ‘Big Foot’ Slippers and our tantalizing Bacon Scented Air Freshener.