<p>Outdoor living sorted! Here you will find outdoor living solutions for your family BBQs, parties and weekend relaxing. Make your backyard bounce with something a little different. Throw the best damn pool party in the neighborhood. Or get involved in some outdoor games and activities. Find inspiration and alfresco ideas right here and live an endless summer.</p>

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor living sorted! Here you will find outdoor living solutions for your family BBQs, parties and weekend relaxing. Make your backyard bounce with something a little different. Throw the best damn pool party in the neighborhood. Or get involved in some outdoor ... Read More

Outdoor living sorted! Here you will find outdoor living solutions for your family BBQs, parties and weekend ... Read More

Outdoor Entertainment

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Australian Outdoor Living Ideas & BBQ Accessories

We’re lucky to be Australian. We live in one of the best countries in the world to enjoy outdoor living. We have the climate. We have the beaches. We have the mountains. We have endless outdoor opportunities and outdoor living ideas.

Now, before we get into some tips and tricks to make the most of your Australian outdoor living opportunity, let’s establish exactly what is ‘outdoor living’? Outdoor living is the merging of the outdoors with your outdoor lifestyle. It’s spending time not just in the great outdoors, but your backyard. It’s living in nature, whether that’s your flower adorned patio, a BBQ at the beach, a picnic at the park or relaxing with friends and family in your backyard. Outdoor living sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Since spending more time outdoors with friends and family sounds so awesome, we feel inspired. We know we want to make outdoor living part of our lives. But where do we start?

Well, the best place to start is with inspired outdoor living ideas. By diving in headfirst to the lifestyle of outdoor living, and getting acquainted with how others incorporate it into their lives, you can get a feel about which aspects, designs, and settings inspire you the most. So we’re going to look at some tips and tricks that will get you living more of your life outdoors. Where it feels natural. Let’s get started:

> Understand the outdoor living space you’re working with. If it’s your backyard, you have complete control over the space. However, you don’t have control over where in the backyard the sun shines. So take time to understand the advantages of your unique space.
And if you plan to do some outdoor living outside your house, then check out all the nearby parks, beaches, lakes and mountains.

> Consider how you want to use your space. Do you want to be playing outdoor games with your family? Do you want to host BBQs? Do you want to lounge by a pool? Do you want to entertain large groups? Or is it primarily for you and your family?
Alternatively, do you want to be taking trips to the beach and park? The type of outdoor living you want to do will dictate how you use your space, and the inspired outdoor living ideas you need.

> Don’t forget the weather! If you’re living in a rainy part of Australia, Melbourne and Tasmania we’re looking at you, you’ll want to ensure you have protection from the wind and rain. And equally, in Summer wherever you are, you’re going to want to ensure you have some shade so you’re protected from the sun. While some places may be more suited to a jacuzzi, others may be more suited to a heat lamp, fire pit and outdoor lighting.

> Think of your furniture. While you will be enjoying the best of the weather when you choose some outdoor living, your backyard furniture is always outside. So choose fabric, whether for seating or shade that is fade and stain resistant. And choose metal or wood frame seating. Metal is more durable, but if you go with wood, consider choosing teak as it weathers well. And if possible, keep your furniture undercover.

> If your ideal outdoor living situation includes a BBQ and your BBQ accessories, then carefully consider where you will place the BBQ. You don’t want it blowing smoke into the house, and you want the components to stay in good condition so you can continue making BBQs part of your Aussie outdoor living.

> Make your own herb outdoor garden. Not only do you get delicious herbs for when you have a BBQ (fresh herbs are the ultimate BBQ accessory), but tending to your outdoor garden gives you another reason to embrace your outdoor living lifestyle.

> Add a strong feature to your outdoor living space. Whether it’s a fire pit, water feature, stone path, patio or prominent plants, adding a focal point for your outdoor living design space gets you off to a great start.

> Add some colour. Whether you paint a wall, get some distinct pavers of fill your garden with beautiful flowers, colour in your outdoor living space will make it feel much more inviting.

> Use the sun. Sunshine on your skin is one of the best feelings, and features of outdoor living. Make the most of it by positioning your outdoor space to make the most of the sun.

> If you’re looking for outdoor living ideas on a budget, there are plenty. You can still create that dream outdoor living space, even if you’re on a budget. You can go to a second hand store to find some furniture pieces. You can build your own fire pit. You can pave your own patio. You can create a stunning minimalist design. You can attend garage sales. And of course you can take advantage of all the free outdoor living spaces - the beach, parks, lakes and forests. After all, nature has the most beautiful outdoor living spaces.

> Leave some space for outdoor games for kids and outdoor games for adults. You may not know what fun outdoor games everyone is going to want to play, so leave some space that leaves you options. That way, whether it’s a game of backyard cricket, ring toss, football, basketball, table tennis or something else, if you have the outdoor living space for games, you can play any outdoor games you want.

> If you want your outdoor living space to be an epic party space - plan for it. Leave an area to be the bar, leave an area for the dance floor and make sure you get some heat lamps. Outdoor parties on hot summer nights can make the best memories - if you have the outdoor living space for them.

So there you have it. Twelve tips and inspired outdoor living ideas to get you spending less time indoors, and more time outdoors amongst nature - where we belong. Whether it’s a beach trip on the weekend, a reading nook on your patio, or a party in your newly designed backyard, you can start making the most of a life spent outdoors.