Personalised Baby Gifts

Personalised Baby Gifts

There’s no more exciting time than when a baby is born. The experience transforms us. How can we mark such a special occasion? One way is with a personalised gift. They are the perfect memento to mark such a specia... Read More

There’s no more exciting time than when a baby is born. The... Read More

Personalised Baby Gifts

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Personalised Baby Gifts

There’s no more exciting time for a family than when a baby is born. Especially when buying stunning gifts for new mums. But, how can we mark such a special occasion? One way is with a personalised gift for your newborn. Personalised baby gifts are the perfect memento to mark one of the most special moments in our lives. And given that your little one has just received a brand new name, gifting them a personalised memento bearing that new name is perhaps the perfect way to celebrate! 


Whether it’s gifts for a christening or first birthday, our collection of personalised baby gifts here at Yellow Octopus will help make the occasion extra special. But what should you personalise? There are so many cute, cuddly, and special gift ideas for babies that are better when personalised. Imagine a bib with their name on it, an engraved silver spoon, a poster made just for them, a photo set to hang in their room, or a toy that is uniquely their own. Unlike most gifts that babies and kids receive, a personalised present is sure to be kept for, and last a lifetime.

Top Personalised Gift Ideas For New Mums

For any parents expecting their first babies, personalised gifts can play a huge role in marking and commemorating some of the touching moments that they’ll share with their friends and loved ones in the days leading up to their due date. You don’t really expect to feel so sentimental for the past when you’re expecting, and there’s nothing quite like a personalised baby gift to get your new parents anticipating the future and all that it’ll be sure to bring to their growing family.


For all those new and expectant mummas out there, a personalised wooden door sign may be just what they need to put the finishing touches onto their fresh nursery spaces. Looking for something as beautiful as it is practical? How about a gorgeous personalised baby blanket to keep their little bundle of joy warm during all of their first big moments in life? There’s no better way to commemorate the beginning of a new family than with some highly thoughtful and sentimental personalised baby presents, whether they be baby clothes or nursery decor.

Personalised Gifts For Baby Showers, Kids Parties, & More

Looking for the perfect personalised baby gifts for your next baby shower or kids birthday presents? Here at Yellow Octopus, we strive to maintain a strong collection of personalised gifts that are perfect for kids of all ages, from newborn babies and toddlers, to kids looking forward to their first day of school, as well as for teenagers who are gearing up to receive some highly anticipated and hard-earned graduation gifts.


Our personalised baby gifts are some of our best-selling personalised gifts, particularly because of their timelessness and ability to inspire nostalgia, intense joy, and anticipation all at once. If you’re shopping for loved ones who are expecting their first baby, our personalised baby gifts may also act as commemorations to the beginning of their new family as well as being a gift that their child can cherish for the rest of their long lives.