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Personalised Leather Products

Personalised Leather Products

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Personalised Leather Products

Looking for some top quality leather products for your next personalised gift-giving endeavour? Then look no further than our collection of personalised leather products, designed to be the perfect gifts for a great variety of special occasions, spanning from milestone birthdays to graduation days, anniversaries, and everything in between. Our personalised leather gifts come in a range of different makes, including our best-selling personalised vegan leather watch cases, as well as our personalised vegan leather shoe shine kits for sophisticated gents who are often on the go. 


Want your personalised leather gift to have a more classic look and feel? Then why not gift them one of our personalised brown leather notebooks, or our matching brown leather wallets, passport holders, or luggage tags, all perfect for jet-setting guys and gals? With all of our high quality personal leather products in Australia available at the most competitive price points, you may just be able to give your lucky gift recipient a few matching pieces from our expanded collection of personalised leather gifts.

What is vegan leather?

Did you know that a growing majority of personalised leather products in Australia aren’t even produced using animal products? In fact, many of our favourite personalised leather products here at Yellow Octopus are made with high quality vegan leather materials or polyurethane, which is mostly derived from plant materials above all else. Our personalised vegan leather products are made of the highest quality vegan leather materials so that they can be just as long lasting and consistently eye-catching as their traditional leather counterparts.


In fact, in some cases, our personalised vegan leather products may even be a bit easier to maintain than your traditional leather goods, as they are moisture resistant alongside also being cruelty-free. And the icing on the cake? There are personalised vegan leather products in our collection to suit a diverse array of lucky gift recipients! Our range of personalised vegan leather products include our best-selling vegan leather watch cases, vegan leather shoe shine kits, and even our vegan leather golf gift sets, perfect for gents who love to spend their weekends on the green. 

Personalised Vegan Leather Watch Cases

Looking for the perfect gift for a man who loves to dress up? What about a woman who’d gladly trade in her forever diamonds for more practical accessories any day of the week? For the professional man or woman, there’s not much that’s quite as satisfying as having the perfect storage for your trusty timepieces. That’s precisely why we offer personalised premium vegan leather watch cases right alongside our other personalised leather products. 


With their vegan leather exterior finish and soft, suede interiors, our personalised watch cases are the perfect gift for any individuals who love the finer things in life just as much as they love waking up with every new day. Our personalised leather watch cases are fitted with two separate compartments to hold their two favourite timepieces, alongside of course, having the option to have their owner’s name laser engraved onto its sturdy, leather exterior.