Personalised Serving Boards

Personalised Serving Boards

Personalised Serving Boards

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Personalised Serving Boards

Looking for the perfect gift for the hospitable hosts and champion culinarians in your life? Then look no further than our range of personalised Australian serving boards, available right here at Yellow Octopus! Wooden serving boards are amongst the most practical gifts for foodies and chefs.. This is exactly why we’ve given all of you generous gift givers the fantastic opportunity to personalise your high-quality wooden serving board, so that it’s perfectly suited to hang in a place of honour in your loved one’s kitchen space.

All passionate pastry chefs and party-givers alike would likely relish the addition of personalised tools of the trade in their eclectic kitchen or dining room. After all, there’s nothing quite like presenting a charcuterie creation on a serving board that’s been engraved to bear your name, or perhaps your initials. A personalised wooden serving board basically tells the world just who you are: a maker of fine foods, effervescent evenings, and most importantly, of memorable moments. 


If you have any avid hosts or makers in your life, show them that you love and appreciate all that they do by gifting them a personalised serving board that’ll be sure to add an extra sense of luxury to their next big celebration. Hey, you could even couple it up with one of our fantastic gifts for bbq lovers

Customisable serving boards made from quality Acacia wood

When it comes to producing personalised wooden serving boards, Australia is truly at quite an advantage. With access to some of the most high-quality hardwood materials in the world, our personalised serving boards here at Yellow Octopus truly are a cut above the rest of the riffraff that you may find elsewhere online. 


Generally speaking, the best wooden serving boards should be made of single piece, non-porous hardwood timber so as to ensure minimal water damage during food preparation or following a thorough cleaning. With quality in mind, our personalised wooden serving boards are made of only the highest quality Acacia wood and in some cases, other hardwoods like Mango wood. These hardwoods are known for being highly dense and for providing a fabulous, defined grain, making them perfect for producing high-quality wooden serving boards that respond impeccably to solid wood engravings, which is how our serving boards are personalised. Due to their high build quality, our wooden serving boards can be personalised by adding both names and imagery.


Alongside being constructed using only the highest quality pieces of Acacia wood and other fine hardwoods, our personalised wooden serving boards also come in an assortment of different shapes and sizes, so rest assured that you’ll be able to find the perfect serving board to personalise for your intended gift recipient. 

How to care for your personalised serving board

If you’re worried that personalising your wooden serving board by using wood engraving processes may negatively affect the strength of your serving board, then we’re here to set your mind at ease! As our personalised serving boards are engraved by professional laser engraving specialists, your serving board can basically be cared for in the exact same way that you would clean and treat a regular serving board or cutting board. 

Simply wash after use with a warm cloth before adding a healthy coating of oil onto the surface of your serving board to keep your hardwood looking nice and fresh once it’s placed away in your kitchen storage. Keeping your wooden serving board looking fine and fresh for many future family gatherings is really just that easy!