Personalised Wooden Gifts

Personalised Wooden Gifts

Personalised Wooden Gifts

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Personalised Wooden Gifts


Looking for some sentiments for your loved ones that are the perfect balance of picturesque and practical? Why not have a browse through our wares of personalised wooden gifts, ranging from jewellery boxes and tea boxes, to personalised beer or condiment caddies, breakfast trays, and even brush and comb gift sets, the perfect wooden gift for young kids or new parents?


Gorgeously designed and immaculately finished, our range of personalised wooden gifts here at Yellow Octopus are designed to be the most satisfying unboxing experience ever. Be sure to keep your eyes on your loved one’s face as they unwrap their personalised wooden gift box, just so you don’t miss the joy that accompanies receiving a flawless and functional gift that’s been personalised for them and them alone. 

Personalised Wooden Serving Boards, Tea Boxes, And More!

We’re done with superficial or materialistic gifts! That’s precisely why we try to keep our range of personalised wooden gifts here at Yellow Octopus as expansive and nostalgia-inducing as possible. Our personalised wooden gifts come in a variety of different shapes, functions, and sizes, so rest assured that you’ll be able to find the perfect wooden gift for each and every one of your loved ones. 


Are you buying personalised gifts for a passionate host and party-giver? Why not gift them a personalised wooden serving board or wooden knife block? For a die-hard BBQ fan? Consider one of our gorgeously crafted wooden condiment caddies. Do you have a connoisseur of wine and other delectable elixirs on your hands? Then look no further than one of our wall-mounted wooden bottle openers, or a personalised beer caddy to hold all their weekend bevvies. 


Personalised wooden gifts are amongst the most timeless and heartfelt personalised gifts in Australia, and our full selection here at Yellow Octopus is designed to be reflective of just that. There’s nothing quite like receiving a gorgeous hardwood gift box that’s not only a delight to look at, but can also double up as a nifty and aromatic tea box, or idyllic wooden whisky box set to store all of your whisky stones and a jigger or two. We’ve got the perfect personalised wooden gift boxes to suit both mum and dad, as well as any of the other old souls and sparky individuals in your life.

Wood Laser Engraving For All Of Our Australian Wood Gifts

Our professional laser engraving specialists can embellish your selected wooden gifts with high-quality wood engravings that will be sure to last for decades to come. This means that your wooden gift box, serving board, condiment caddy or even your wooden brush and comb set won’t just be enjoyed by your gift’s recipient, but could even be passed on to their children too! 


All of our wooden gifts have been constructed using the highest quality timber, with our sturdy hardwood Australian serving boards made from solid Acacia. Hardwood serving boards respond well to a wide array of uses, including cutting ingredients as well as food presentation. Our personalised breakfast trays are lightweight bamboo that’s non-porous and easy to clean, for effortless breakfasts in bed.


Our personalised Australian wooden gifts are designed to last just as much as they’re designed to please. When you give the timeless gift that is one of our personalised wooden goods here at Yellow Octopus, you’ll be giving your loved ones a sentiment that they’ll be able to prize and cherish for decades to come.