Aussies hit the <strong>beach and pool</strong> every summer. At Yellow Octopus, we’ve got the beach and <strong>pool toys</strong> to make your summer fun. Whether you’re lounging about on one of our adult <strong>inflatable toys</strong>, playing with <strong>pool games</strong>, or enjoying a cold drink from an <strong>inflatable drink holder</strong>, our beach and swimming pool accessories Australia are here to make sure you have some fun in the sun.

Pool & Beach

Aussies hit the beach and pool every summer. At Yellow Octopus, we’ve got the beach and pool toys to make your summer fun. Whether you’re lounging about on one of our adult inflatable toys, playing with pool ... Read More
Aussies hit the beach and pool every summer. At Yellow Octopus, we’ve got the beach and Read More

Pool & Beach

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Beach And Pool Accessories Australia

Kids & Adult Inflatable Pool Toys, Pool Games, Inflatable Drink Holder & More

The summer weather is marvelous. But the summer activites are even better. The swimming pool games for adults, inflatable pool toys, beach party games and pool party games are the ultimate beach and swimming pool accessories. They create laughter, fun, and memories in the sunshine.

Pools are awesome. Pool parties are epic. And pool games, pool accessories and inflatable pool toys make them ten times more awesome. There’s a reason kids are envious of that one kid in their neighbourhood with a pool. But you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a pool. If you get the unique inflatable pool toys we have available, your friends with pools will be inviting you over whenever the weather warms up.

So make sure you have the best swimming pool games—those pool party games that turn a get-together into a party. And we’re not talking about floaties and a pool noodle. We’re talking about Fake Sunscreen Secret Flask, Inflatable Animal Pool Toys, Light Up Beach Balls, 100 Water Balloons that fill in seconds and Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss. You know, pool games for kids and pool games for adults.

Once you blow up one of our inflatable pool toys, it will blow you away with how fun it is. It transforms a normal swim into a swim with flamingos, pineapples, sharks, poop emojis and even dinosaurs. You won’t just be having a pool party with your friends, you’ll be having it with animals, emojis and your favourite fruits. Your pool will become the place to be. Blowing up these inflatable pool toys will be the best use of your breath all summer.

And don’t think those unique, slightly silly but always fun pool toys only belong at a pool. They’re equally awesome amongst the sand and seashells and the beach. Whether you want beach games for kids or beach games for adults, we’ve got you covered.

Now that you know that inflatable pool toys are the ultimate beach and pool accessory, let’s take a look at other pool games, beach games and pool party ideas will make your summer beach vibe that much sweeter.

The most important thing for a pool party is the pool. The second is the summer drinks. Whether it’s water, soda or something stronger, summer drinks are a must have to beat the heat. And if you have drinks, what else do you need? Exactly. Drink holders for your summer drinks by the pool. Drink holders, perhaps even more so than inflatable pool toys, are the ultimate pool accessory.

Drink holders, or stubby holders as we call them in Australia, can add a cool vibe to your party. But not if you choose the normal boring stubby holders. You know the ones, the plain ones or yet another football themed stubby holder. Your summer drinks deserve better than that. That’s why we bring you options like a shark stubby holder, a floating swan stubby holder, and even a Superman stubby holder for your summer drinks. Summer drinks have never looked so sexy.

This next tip isn’t as fun as different pool party games or games by the beach, but it’s important for both situations. Sunscreen. It’s a must have pool accessory. Make sure you keep some sunscreen on hand so nobody gets burnt. Okay, now we’ve got our mother-like recommendation, let’s get back to the awesome inflatable pool toys, summer drinks and fun pool games.

Add to your summer vibe and summer drinks with some summer music. Music is to a pool party as a stubby holder is to a beer - it makes it better. But what music? Well that depends on you. What’s your favourite? What puts a smile on your friend’s face? What song can’t your family help but sing to? If you really struggle for summer music ideas, consider sticking with the classic hits that everyone loves, modern popular songs or tropical music for a summer vibe. But no matter what music you choose, you’ll need a good set of speakers - such as our 3-in-1 Bluetooth Portable Speakers.

Now your summer pool party is pumping with music, inflatable pool toys, summer drinks and pool accessories it’s time to play some games. While you know kids will love these games, you’ll be surprised by how much fun adults have. In fact, they start acting like kids.

While you’ve probably already played Marco Polo, you may not have played ring toss. You use hoops and through them onto a stick sitting in the pool. For example, with our ring toss game you’re throwing them onto a cactus.

Another great game for the pool is F-I-S-H. Have you heard of the basketball game H-O-R-S-E? Where if you score a point but your opponent doesn’t they get given a letter - starting with H, then O etc. Whoever spells HORSE first loses. Well this pool game is the same, except instead of spelling H-O-R-S-E you spell F-I-S-H. What pool accessories do you need? A ball and a hoop. Simple.

But you don’t always need pool accessories to play a fun pool game. There are few things more fun than a handstand contest in the pool - which if the players are good enough it really becomes a holding your breath contest. And another classic game that requires only four people but no pool accessories is the chicken fight. How does the chicken fight pool game work? You get in two teams of two - and one person gets on their teammate’s shoulders. Then the two people on the shoulders wrestle each other. Whoever falls into the water first loses.

So there you have it. Everything you need to make an epic pool party. The ultimate pool accessories: inflatable pool toys, stubby holders, pool games, and speakers for your summer music. Now all you need is the beach or pool, some friends or family and you’re ready.

Make the most of summer. You don’t want summer to end without a bunch of awesome memories to get you through a cold winter. Whether you’re at the pool or beach, remember it’s what you do and who you do it with that matters. The weather doesn’t make summer fun. You do. These beach and pool accessories Australia are just here to help. So pick your favourite Kkids and adult inflatable pool toys, pool games, and inflatable drink holder.