<p>You don’t choose the pug life—the pug life chooses you. So if you've been chosen for the cuddly pug life, then you're going to love all this <strong>pug stuff</strong>. Pugs are simply adorable<span>—</span><strong>pug gifts </strong>should be too. Every pug lover wants their own cute <strong>pug mug</strong>, <strong>pug toy</strong>, <strong>pug socks</strong>, and <strong>pug clothing</strong>. As we know, the pug life is more about cuddles than exercise...</p>
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<p>Exercise? I thought you said ‘extra fries’! We all know our pugs aren’t the most athletic breed… but they sure are the cuddliest. So if you’re here for cute and cuddly mugs, socks, and other pug stuff<span>—</span>you’ll love all of these adorable pug gifts.</p>

Pug Lovers

You don’t choose the pug life—the pug life chooses you. So if you've been chosen for the cuddly pug life, then you're going to love all this pug stuff. Pugs are simply adorablepug gifts should be too. Every pug lover... Read More

You don’t choose the pug life—the pug life chooses you. So if you've been chosen for the cuddly pug life, the... Read More

Pug Lovers

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Top 20 Pug Gifts: Pug Mug, Pug Socks, And More Pug Stuff

Why you'll LOVE this pug stuff

Who’s a good boy? Every pug on the planet. Pugs are the most adorable, cuddly, cute, and funny dogs out there. They make the best companions. They’re our little couch potato wrapped in bacon. You can’t help but love them. That’s why you don’t choose the pug life, the pug life chooses you.

Need pug gifts? We’ve got the perfect pug stuff!

Looking for a pug gift? Maybe your mother, brother, or bestie needs a gift. If they’re a pug lover, perfect. Holy pugamole you are in for some pugtastic pug gifts. These pug gifts feature everything a pug devotee wants, from a pug mug for their morning cup of coffee, to pug clothing so they can show everyone just how much they love pugs. Or perhaps a pug toy will keep them sane when they can’t play with their actual pug.

From pug mugs to pug socks

Pugs absolutely deserve to have their adorable face printed on our pug mug, pug socks, pug clothing, and other pug stuff like a pug toy and pug mask. A pug mask? Really? That’s right, we love them so much that we want to look like them (or maybe just on Halloween). Perhaps we can save the pug mask for special occasions and wear our pug socks everyday instead.

The Power Of The Pug

Pugs are such a popular pooch because they really do bring us so much joy. Beyond their gorgeous face is a bubbly, bright, and playful personality. They radiate happiness. So anything that reminds us of our wonderful little pooch is going to be a fantastic present. 

Why are pugs such fascinating little creatures? Here are the pug facts!

> What does the Latin phrase about pugs “Multum in parvo” mean?
It translates to: “A lot of dog in a small space.”
> Why do pugs look like they have a squished face?
The technical reason is they are brachycephalic. But that really just means that their head is broad but short.
> Why do pugs sneeze?
Pugs get more colds than other dogs because they have a shorter nose.
> Are pugs really the oldest breed of dog?
Indeed, pugs are recognised as the oldest breed of dog in the world. They’ve been around since 400 BC.
> Why are pugs such good lap dogs?
Pugs were literally bred to sit in the lap of Chinese emperors.
> How fast are pugs?
They’re not. Pugs, with their little legs, are unsurprisingly quite slow. Their top speed is only 5-8 km per hour.
> How are pugs like pigs?
Pugs and pigs both have curly tails. The perfect pug tail has 2-4 curls.
> Are pugs pampered today?
It may seem like today pugs get the royal treatment from their owners. But in the past, emperors of China gave them the literal royal treatment. Some lucky pugs were even given their own pug palaces and guards.
> Why are pugs such good pals? Pugs were literally bred to be our friends. They’re bred for companionship. So don’t be surprised that they’re such good company.
> What’s our final pug fact? It’s that pug gifts are the best present for pug lovers! Fact!