Your one stop shop for quirky retirement gifts. One thing we really want to prevent at Yellow Octopus is boredom which can certainly happen in retirement. Awesome fun stuff to keep retired folk entertained.

Retirement Gifts

Your one stop shop for quirky retirement gifts. One thing we really want to prevent at Yellow Octopus is boredom which can certainly happen in retirement. Awesome fun stuff to keep retired folk entertained.
Your one stop shop for quirky retirement gifts. One thing we really want to prevent at Yellow Octopus is boredom... Read More

Retirement Gifts

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Great Retirement Gifts For Men & Women

Why is retirement exciting? The great retirement gifts for men and fun retirement gifts for women of course.

Okay, okay, there’re more reasons than retirement gifts. They’ve slaved at the coal face for years. Salvation has arrived. Retirement. Freedom. Leisure.

They’ve worked for decades to reach this moment, so browsing through retirement gifts for men and retirement gifts for women the find the present that will make them laugh and smile is not too much to ask of you. Is it?

That’s not to say that retirement gifts are a serious business. That’s what work was for. Retirement is more fun, so it should be a time of reminiscence and tall stories or heroic career highlights. Fun retirement gifts add to that fun spirit. The retiree is waiting.

In fact, the retiree will kick off the laughter before you get to your great retirement gifts. There’s a good chance they’ll make a speech and say, “It’s time I stepped aside for a less experienced and less capable person.” Haha. Very funny. Yet great retirement gifts make the moment both special and memorable as the retiree steps out of their work shoes and into their retirement moccasins.

Retirement is often seen as the light at the end of the tunnel. A carrot dangling in front of our eyes. And it is. It’s something to be celebrated and shouted from the rafters. Your great retirement gifts will be part of that celebration.

Gifts for retirement for men don’t have to be boring. The gold watch is old hat. In fact, there’s great irony in the watch being one of the main gifts for retirement. When you retire, time is no longer of urgent importance.

Be more adventurous in your choice. Give them great retirement presents that will have them thinking fondly of you all and how much you’ve achieved together. Or pull their leg with a retirement gift like the inflatable walking frame or sandal socks.

Or did they always have a bad joke waiting each Monday? Did they have any quirks? Your retirement presents can make fun of them. They can have a subtle little dig, whilst still showing great affection - that’s the Australian way after all.

Since the retiree may be the typical Aussie bloke, your retirement gifts for men Australia could help him enjoy the great outdoors, cook the perfect snag or fine-tune the true love and passion of his life - his car. With time no longer their enemy, retirement gifts for men Australia may activate those explorer genes within.

And of course there’s the challenge of finding retirement gifts for the men who have everything. But do they? Everyone likes to be appreciated and your gifts for retirement may not cost a fortune. Sentiment is priceless. That’s where you have to do a little detective work and rope in some family advice because ultimately it’s the thought that counts. And simple great retirement gifts can often say so much. Gifts for men who have everything can show that he was not just your boss, but a mentor to all, someone everyone looked up to and sought out for advice. Now that’s a sentiment he’ll cherish.

Retirement gifts for women can reflect how she inspired you and forged a path for you to follow. Let her know with the great retirement gifts you give her that you know she didn’t just break through the glass ceiling, she smashed it.

As for the office’s mother hen, how’s the office going to cope without her shoulder to lean on and her comforting words? Who is going to bring calm to the chaos? Who’s going to help you decide if “he’s” Mr. Right? How will you replace those delicious chocolate cookies that arrive at morning tea time? Retirement gifts for women can show her exactly how much she’ll be missed. Buy her great retirement presents that say; “You’re irreplaceable.” And even if she’s gone, she won’t be forgotten. She’s welcome back any time. Especially if she’s got a box of those cookies with her.

And what if the occasion is being celebrated closer to home? Retirement gifts for Dad need to show how much you’ve appreciated his sacrifice over all those years. The long hours he put in. The long commutes. Yet , the best retirement gift ideas for Dad are both thoughtful and fun. And of course the best retirement gifts for Dad can ensure you’re also thinking of Mum. Anything that keeps him from getting under her feet will be appreciated. But seriously, great retirement presents are often best shared.

Now if it’s Mum retiring, she’ll appreciate you noticing that she’s been holding down two jobs: Work and keeping the household running. Retirement gifts for Mum can’t be good. They must be great retirement gifts. Show her you know that without her, you wouldn’t be where you are today.

So if you put a bit of time into the selection of great retirement gifts you’re sure to come up with winners. But if you want to guarantee success, you need to do some research. So talk to their family and friends. What are their dreams? What is it that they’re especially looking forward to in retirement? What do they want, but won’t buy for themselves?

And of course in addition to your awesome retirement gifts you’ll be able to provide a host of suggestions on how they’re going to spend their golden years. Perhaps they’ll hitch up the van and explore Australia, grey nomad style. Maybe retirement will be an opportunity to get their creative juices flowing by painting, writing or woodworking. The tug of the heartstrings may have them spending more precious time with the grandkids.

Or retirement may help them get that golf handicap down, catch that elusive trout or be the gun of the bowling green. Then there’s always the garden - those roses don’t bloom all by themselves. And if the weather turns, you can head for warmer climates or relax in front of a roaring fire and read that book that’s been beckoning for years.

And though they may not be working side by side with you anymore, your great retirement gifts will ensure that the memories of you all don’t fade.

And amidst the retirement celebrations you can remind them of all the benefits. Less stress, no more deadlines, nagging emails, pointless meetings. No more traffic jams on the freeway or the train carriage crush on a sweltering summer evening. It’s now someone else’s headache. Retirement equals more free time, an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, to get back into the community and make new friends. Tell them in retirement to breathe slowly, look around, smell the roses and embrace a world that’s become their oyster.

So, your role in their retirement is very important. You’ve been honoured by being considered to be the one to find those great retirement gifts. It means that you’re really close to them and know them well. You’re the perfect person to make a list of those retirement gift ideas and select the best retirement gifts that will be appreciated always. So search away for a mix of fun retirement gifts and great retirement presents.