Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers spice up your cooking—salt and pepper shakers spice up your kitchen. But not just your kitchen, they make an awesome gift for new homeowners, newlyweds, or for the backyard BBQ. Salt and pepper shakers and grinders are the boss of the condimen... Read More
Salt and pepper shakers spice up your cooking—salt and pepper shakers spice up your kitchen. But not just your k... Read More

Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Quirky Salt And Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Grinders add spice to any dish, and now they add spice to the table. Let your Salt and Pepper Grinders take centre stage. They’re no longer just dispensers. They’re statements. Love Dr. Who or Star Wars, Daleks and Darth Vader? There’re shakers for you. Irreverence your thing? Try Smiling Poo emoji shakers. For the BBQ or man cave, how about burger and fries salt and pepper shakers? Just married? Mr and Mrs Salt and Pepper shakers stand united.

How To Look After Your Salt And Pepper Shakers
You might as well make yourself as useful as your gift. Here’s some great advice to accompany your awesome present:
> Keep the salt and peppers in their separate shaker or grinder. Salt is corrosive and salt shakers and grinders have stainless steel inserts to make them long lasting.
> If you’re not a frequent pepper user, store only a small amount of pepper in your pepper grinder. Pepper can go bad and lose its aroma.
> Salt and Pepper Shakers have different settings for a coarse or finer grind. By adjusting the mills’ screw you can adjust the grind.
> Clean the inside mechanism with a brush, not water.
> When using pink or green peppercorns, combine with white or black peppercorns. This prevents clogging.
> Store fresh peppercorns away from direct sunlight.

Salt and Pepper Customs Not To Be Sneezed At
You’ve given a great gift and awesome advice. Now cap it all off with wonderful wisdom. Salt and pepper have long played a part in many customs and traditions. Here’s a few to share:
> We toss salt over our left shoulder to get rid of the devil because it’s thought that where he stands. The devil hates salt in his eyes.
> Honoured guests in Slavic and Middle Eastern countries were greeted with a loaf of bread topped by a salt shaker. Salt was their most expensive commodity.
> Salt is placed at the front door and corners of a new home or business to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits
> Salt and pepper go together because originally salt was used to make the food taste more like itself and pepper to mask poor quality.
> Don’t ask for extra salt in Egypt. It’s equivalent to insulting the host’s cooking.

Salt and pepper shakers are super gifts because everybody needs them. Everybody uses them. Inside and out. Table or Sideboard. So don’t grind your teeth over what to give. Let your gift do the grinding.