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Check out our range of fun & unique gifts that will teach kids without them even realising! Aus Geo said “it’s particularly important to inspire curiosity about the world around us – our unique wildlife, our amazing ecosystems, our history and...

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      381 products

      • 30-Piece Microscope Set With 1200x Magnification! - - Heebie Jeebies - Yellow Octopus
        30-Piece Microscope Set With 1200x Magnification!
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      • Mensa Haptic Cube Textured Puzzle - - Mensa - Yellow Octopus
        Mensa Haptic Cube Textured Puzzle
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      • Farm In A Tin - Wooden Animals Set - - Apple To Pears - Yellow Octopus
        Farm In A Tin - Wooden Animals Set
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      • Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball 8
        Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball 8" Large
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        Kitchen Science Kit | 4M Kids - - 4M - Yellow Octopus
        Kitchen Science Kit | 4M Kids
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      • Glow In The Dark Planets & Stars Pack - - 4M - Yellow Octopus
        Glow In The Dark Planets & Stars Pack
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      • Paper Aeroplane Kit
        Paper Aeroplane Kit
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      • Mensa Challenge Your IQ Quiz Cards - - Ginger Fox - Yellow Octopus
        Mensa Challenge Your IQ Quiz Cards
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      • Make Your Own Raspberry Sundae Natural Lip Balms - - Huckleberry - Yellow Octopus
        Make Your Own Raspberry Sundae Natural Lip Balms
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      • Tesla’s Lamp Plasma Ball 15cm Diameter - - Heebie Jeebies - Yellow Octopus
        Tesla’s Lamp Plasma Ball 15cm Diameter
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      • 12-in-1 Solar-Powered Hydraulic Robot Construction Kit - - Johnco - Yellow Octopus
        12-in-1 Solar-Powered Hydraulic Robot Construction Kit
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        Earth Stress Ball - - IS - Yellow Octopus
        Earth Stress Ball
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      • Voice Changer Distorter: Disguise Your Voice
        Voice Changer Distorter: Disguise Your Voice
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        Secret Agent 4-in-1 Master Spy Kit - - Small World Science - Yellow Octopus
        Secret Agent Spy Kit - Master or Super!
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      • Crystal Growing Experimental Kit - - 4M - Yellow Octopus
        Crystal Growing Experimental Kit
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        Dinosaurs Alive Projector Torch - - IS - Yellow Octopus
        Dinosaurs Alive Projector Torch
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      Science STEM Toys For Kids Online


      STEM learning not only covers five important areas – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths – it’s also LOADS of fun. Make sure your kid enjoys learning the skills that will serve them best for their future with awesome build-your-own robot kits, fun coding games, cool projectors, and all the other STEM toys and games that you can find right here at Yellow Octopus.

      Take it from us, your kids will be having so much fun that it won’t even feel like learning! Use a magic wand to create code, Create awesome artwork with a robot that you built yourself, grow crystals right on your bedside table, or launch rockets into the sky. Whatever STEM toys you decide to gift them for their birthday or Christmas this year, chances are your little scientists, engineers, and artists are going to love them, both as kids and budding lifelong learners.

      Check out our range of fun & unique STEM gifts that will teach your kids without them even realising it!


      Top 10 STEM Science Toys For Kids Who Love To Learn


      Did you know that octopuses have three hearts and nine brains? Did you know that the word ‘octopus’ also has three different plural forms, these being ‘octopuses’, ‘octopi’, and ‘octopodes’?

      Even as adults, there’s a lot we don’t know about the world, and it’s really all because we can’t possibly learn about things we’re not exposed to. Thankfully, our crew here at Yellow Octopus all consider ourselves to be octopus experts, but that’s really because of Olli sharing all his deep sea knowledge with us. But Olli’s been putting all nine of his brains to use now more than ever before, because he too has started playing with our expansive collection of STEM toys.

      STEM and science toys have become Olli’s favourite kind of gifts for kids here at Yellow Octopus, which is precisely what’s inspired him to make this list of his top 10 favourite STEM toys and STEM-inspired gift ideas.

      Here’s Olli the Octopus’ top 10 favourite educational and STEM toys for kids who love to learn:


      1. Build Your Own Hydraulic Robotic Arm Science Toy


      There’s no better way to introduce your little learner to the wonderful word of STEM toys than with their very own robot! But what would you engineer in the making think of having their very own hydraulic robotic arm?! Well, with this Build Your Own Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit, your robot fanatic can do just that. This STEM toy is perfect for introducing kids to the kinds of machinery we use everyday in manufacturing and construction industries, just to name a few.


      2.Ravensburger 3D Puzzle World Globe


      If you have an avid puzzler on your hands, then chances are they’ll absolutely love this next STEM gift idea. This 180 piece 3D World Globe Puzzle made by the people at Ravensburger, defies the laws of physics and definitively puts the ‘flat earth’ argument to rest! Let your little puzzler learn all the countries of the world as they complete this fascinating puzzle. And once they’re done, you can use the included globe stand to get an impromptu geography lesson well underway.


      3. Wooden Marble Climber Marble Run


      If you’re looking for a STEM toy that’s especially designed for an eager engineer in training, look no further than this Marble Climber Marble Run. This unique wooden marble climber requires no tools for assembly, as all of its 233 parts are precision laser-cut plywood, meaning they’re all designed to slot perfectly together. A monolith to put together and then an absolute delight to power up using its simple hand crank mechanism, this marble run is sure to bring hours of fun and enrichment to all little learners out there.


      4. Fitzroy’s Storm Glass Weather Forecasting Device | Teardrop


      Any mini meteorologists out there? Then any of our Fitzroy Storm Glass weather forecasting devices are sure to leave them awestruck. These mysteriously prophetic glass devices actually use chemistry to accurately predict the weather! Liquid crystals alter their appearance in response to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, allowing them to predict oncoming storms, winds, clear skies, and other distinct weather conditions.

      Not a fan of the teardrop design? Thankfully, we have a variety of other Fitzroy Storm Glass gifts available in our full collection here at Yellow Octopus.


      5. Tin Can DIY Robot Kit | 4M KidzLabs Fun Science Kit


      The best scientists tend to be those that are resourceful. That’s why this particular STEM gift idea is sure to inspire your little inventor to not just become a STEM professional, but a future-oriented STEM professional. This Tin Can DIY Robot Kit teaches kids that science can be found in the most unexpected places, and you don’t need a lot in order to create fantastical and wondrous things.


      6. Disney Frozen II Crystal Growing Terrarium Kit


      If you’ve been looking for the perfect entrypoint into STEM toys for a little one that’s still a bit too obsessed with Disney princesses, then this is the science toy for you. This Disney Frozen II Crystal Growing Terrarium Kit will get your little chemist creating their own crystals just like Elsa! Believe us when we say that even the girliest of girls can’t resist the awesome chemical reactions taking place in this science kit!


      7. Telescope With Tripod


      Want a STEM gift idea that goes back to basics? One of the best possible gifts we could’ve received when we were kids had to be our very own telescope. Think about every time your parents or grandparents would set their own telescope out on the deck or in your backyard, with all you kids huddling around waiting for your turn to look through the lens. Looking through a telescope is undoubtedly a moment in your childhood that you never really seem to forget, which is exactly what makes telescopes such a universally adored STEM gift idea.


      8. Bionic Ear Beginner Soldering Kit


      The closest we ever got to spy gear when we were kids was probably invisible ink, right? Well STEM toys have gotten a lot cooler since then! And I’m not bitter, you’re bitter. Nowadays, kids who are interested in computer engineering can actually make their own functional spy gear. Take this Bionic Ear Beginner Soldering Kit as a perfect example. This science kit lets kids set up their own motherboards using an actual beginner-friendly soldering iron. You can’t get this level of immersion from anywhere else except maybe an actual computer robotics lab!


      9. Apitor SuperBot 18-in-1 Educational Building Block Robot


      Yeah, a STEM toy that lets you build a robot sounds cool enough…but what about one that lets you build 18 robots?! Yes, you heard that right. This Apitor SuperBot 18-in-1 Educational Building Block Robot Kit actually lets kids build an armada of walking, rolling, and flying robots all by using plastic building blocks. This kit comes with 2 built-in motors, 4 built-in LEDs, and 1 main control unit that can be paired up to a smartphone app for total programmability.


      10. Shifu Plugo Educational Gaming & Coding System


      Looking for a STEM toy that introduces younger kids to the wide world of maths, sciences, arts, and technology? Then you and your little ones will be sure to love the Shifu Plugo Educational Gaming & Coding System. Comprising a collection of fun games and toys that can be connected up to a tablet, the Shifu Plugo collection will see your little learners explore a wide range of subjects and build a strong foundation of knowledge and comprehension that’ll set them up to be lifelong learners.


      Science Toys For Kids = The Formula For Fun


      Yes, we know this formula doesn’t make sense. And yes, it was actually a kid who told us that. So I guess our work here is done? Through providing all the little learners of Australia with STEM toys and science kits for kids, we’ve created a new generation of…educated backtalkers. They’ll do great things indeed.

      Seriously though, science was never meant to be dull textbooks and boring demonstrations. In fact, the best way to learn is by learning hands on. That means touching, building and inventing. That’s where STEM toys come into play.

      Science toys have the formula to make science fun. How? They make science hands-on. Rockets fizz and fly, circuits charge and crackle, and robots respond.They combine the fun of hands-on play with important concepts of science. But STEM toys don’t just let kids learn about some of life’s most fascinating subjects by removing all their more complicated aspects. They may even help kids soon realise they’re surrounded by science everywhere they go. In short, science kits for kids are all just opportunities for discovery and adventure in the form of awesome fun.

      Whether it’s toys to build up their STEM skills, activities to foster creativity and imagination, or games to encourage them to learn about the world we live in, you’ll find them at Yellow Octopus. Learn about Australian geography, native flora & fauna, learn about electricity and engineering with robots or learn more about your favourite subject at school all while still having oodles of fun!


      What Can Kids Learn From Playing With STEM Toys?


      We believe every kid has infinite possibilities, and what better way to encourage new skills than with fun toys and games? That’s why we make sure we have plenty of fun gifts that inspire kids to learn coding, engineering, maths, geography, art, science and more.

      Robotic toys prepare kids for a world in which artificial intelligence will be massive. Toy windmill generators show how energy can be harnessed using renewable sources. Crystals explain how chemicals react and magnets all about force and attraction. Rockets have kids dreaming of space exploration, and circuits demonstrate that electricity is more than just a flick of a switch. Weather kits turn kids into forecasters, while night sky projection kits leave kids starry-eyed. Chemistry becomes cool and physics fantastic. Yes, there’s just no denying that science toys can teach kids so much!


      Every Great Scientist Started Out As A Dreamer


      Discoveries don’t just happen. Well, sometimes they do. But they happen because a dreamer has gone looking. And who’s to say that science kits for kids won’t inspire the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie? Here’s some of the greatest scientists and their discoveries:

      • Nicolaus Copernicus discovered in 1543 that the sun was the centre of the universe and the planets revolved around it.
      • Isaac Newton discovered that gravity is the force that draws objects towards each other.
      • Marie Curie, pioneered research on radioactivity. She was such a wonderful scientist she won the Nobel prize twice in two different sciences.
      • Alexander Fleming saved millions with the discovery of penicillin.
      • Australia’s own Fiona Wood, the Australian surgeon and Australian of the Year, invented spray-on skin to dramatically change the lives of burn victims.

      By gifting your kids science toys or educational toys, you may very well be supporting another super scientist in the making!


      Explore Australia’s best range of STEM toys for kids today!

      The world is changing fast and there's a good chance the STEM skills kids pick up from these fun experimental toys will serve them very well in the future. But these aren't your run of the mill boring school projects. We're all about FUN here at Yellow Octopus, which is why you'll only find the coolest Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths toys in our range. Science and educational toys confirm what we know to be true: tell them and they’ll forget, show them and they’ll remember, but let them do it and they’ll understand. That’s the magic of STEM toys.

      Whether you're looking for a build your own rocket kit, scientific experiments to make them laugh, or fun ways to learn the engineering skills of builders and makers, you'll find plenty of super fun options here.

      Science kits for kids have exploded the myth that science is dull. Science toys give kids countless hours of hands-on fun inventing and discovering. Which STEM toys will you choose for your own little makers, creators, and lifelong learners?