Yellow Octopus is the home to some of the coolest tea infusers in the land. It really is a tea-riffic collection. All backed by our 100 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Tea Infusers

Yellow Octopus is the home to some of the coolest tea infusers in the land. It really is a tea-riffic collection. All backed by our 100 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Yellow Octopus is the home to some of the coolest tea infusers in the land. It really is a tea-riffic collection... Read More

Tea Infusers

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Unique & Cool Tea Infusers Australia

Let us tea-se you with our quality collection of tea-remendous tea infusers. Are you a bit of a brew connoisseur? Not just content with your standard ‘stick in a tea-bag for a couple of minutes’ job. Are you much more inclined to buy loose leaf tea and brew a proper cuppa? You’re not alone.

Tea is so much better when you brew it from scratch. Take the time to let the natural leaves steep for a while in the perfect water temperature and you will be rewarded with one of the most memorable cups of tea you have ever tasted.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Coolest Tea Infusers:

  1. Mr Tea Strainer & Infuser by Fred
  2. ‘Best In Show’ Dog Tea Infusers
  3. ‘Sloth Brew’ Sloth Tea Strainer & Infuser
  4. The KitTea Cat Tea Infuser
  5. OcTeaPus – Octopus Tea Strainer & Infuser
  6. Sharky Tea Infuser
  7. MobyTea Whale Tea Infuser
  8. Pug In A Mug Silicone Tea Infuser
  9. The Umbrella Tea Infuser
  10. Tea Sub Tea Infuser

What type of tea infusers does Yellow Octopus stock?

We’ve got everything from cute tea infusers, animal tea infusers and novelty tea infusers. Thing everything from a sloth tea infuser to our ever popular, super cute ‘Best Dog In Show’ tea infuser. All of them are cute and quirky and perfect if you want something that’s a little bit different.

What are the advantages of Tea Infusers over other methods of brewing tea?

Tea Bags

These commodities are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to brewing tea. They’re mass produced and environmentally unfriendly, and ultimately result in a sub-par brew. Tea infusers give you the convenience of a tea bag with a much superior taste.

Tea Pot

You can’t really beat the tea pot for a traditional high quality cuppa. But they’re not really portable and it can be tricky to grab a cuppa on the go or at work. They’re also impractical if you just want to brew one cup for yourself. A tea infuser can be a great portable alternative to the tea pot and achieve a very similar result.

Electric Tea Infuser

Woah, hold up moneybags! Whilst the electronic infusers are absolutely great, they’re super expensive. If you’re an uber tea connoisseur then one of these might be worth the capital outlay. But for the regular Joe or Jan, these contraptions might be a little bit of overkill. Just like your teapot, your pretty much confined to your own home when it comes to making tea. A little portable silicone tea infuser is perfect for throwing in your bag and taking anywhere with you.

The Tea Infuser

Your run of the mill tea infuser ticks a lot of boxes. It’s portable, light weight and can be used in any cup or mug. Take it to work, take it camping; you can literally carry it around with you at all times. When the urge for a cuppa strikes, you can bust out your tea infuser and whip up a cup of cha in no time. This will be a high quality brew worthy of a king!

How do you use a Tea Infuser?

Whether you’re using your sloth tea infuser for the first time or maybe you’re about to make a green tea using your summery flamingo infuser, you need to know how to use it to get the most out of it. The best thing about it is they are completely simple to use, pretty much self-explanatory. Simply open up the basket and place as much or as little tea as you wish, depending on how strong you like it. Hang your tea infuser from the lip of the cup or mug before pouring hot water to fill your vessel.

How Do I Brew The Perfect Cup of Tea?

The type of tea you are making will dictate what temperature water you want to use. For example, for an Oolong variety you will want to use a water temperature of around 88 degrees. Of course, some sturdier black tea varieties will be fine to cop the 100 degree boiling water treatment. If the tea is delicate and your water is too hot, you run the risk of scalding the tea and introducing a bitter aftertaste.

The steeping time is a matter of preference and will govern how strong your final product is. If you are after a dark, strong brew then use a long steeping time, whilst the inverse holds true if you are after something on the weaker side. Like water temperature this is highly dependent on the tea variety. For a stock standard black tea, a good rule of thumb is 3 minutes. For a green tea you’ll want slightly longer, something in the 3-4 minute range should do the trick. Other tea varieties may require a much longer steep time. For Oolong you’ll want 4-6 minutes, and for white tea you may even want to let it sit for as much as 7-9 minutes. Why not play around with your steep times and taste the different results?

Unique, Fun & Quirky Tea Infusers

When it comes to getting a great tea infuser, why not think outside the square and grab something a little bit quirky. This is the time to get a design that really matches your personality. Or if you’re buying for someone else, try and keep their interests at the forefront. Match a Cat tea infuser to a cat lover or a pug tea infuser to a pug lover.