<p><span>Know somebody who is heading off on the trip of a lifetime? Then you better start looking into travel gifts so you can bid them farewell in style. Plane, train or automobile – it doesn’t matter how they're going, it just matters that they're going! The opportunities are endless when it comes to travel in this big world of ours, so make their dreams just as big, and fulfill them with some great travel gear and gifts for travellers from Yellow Octopus. </span></p>

Travel & Camping

Know somebody who is heading off on the trip of a lifetime? Then you better start looking into travel gifts so you can bid them farewell in style. Plane, train or automobile – it doesn’t matter how they're going, it just matters that they're going! The oppor... Read More

Know somebody who is heading off on the trip of a lifetime? Then you better start looking into travel g... Read More

Travel & Camping

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Are you planning on jetting off to Europe, getting the train through Siberia, going on a road trip with friends or a camping trip with the family somewhere in Australia? Whatever the extent of your travel plans, Yellow Octopus has plenty of options for the intrepid globetrotter or keen outdoors person. Whether you’re staying in the Ritz in Paris, or going back to basics in a tent in the bush, you’ll want to be prepared for whatever travel life throws at you. Yellow Octopus’s gifts for travellers include water bottles and heaps of funky lights for if you’re going Bear Grylls style.

If you’re going the higher-end-pamper-yourself-option, have no fear, the electronic travel accessories, phone chargers, and comfy neck pillows are right here.

Best Travel Gifts

Perhaps it is not you yourself travelling, but a friend or family member. Don't turn up to the going away party empty handed! The thing with travelling is, you're literally living out of a backpack or suitcase. You don't have all the creature comforts of home. Anything that can help save you time or money, can help you pack lighter, or save you from a tight spot is literally gold. We have many such travel gifts to choose from!

Things to consider when buying a travel gift for someone:

Comfort Gifts For Travellers

When travelling it is inevitable that you spend a lot of time in transit. Whether it's on the plane, bus or train you will more than like encounter a few uncomfortable seats along the way. Make sure the gift recipient has everything in their possession to make this seat time as comfortable as possible.

Things such as comfy travel pillows that support the neck can be a godsend when hauled up in tight spaces.


You can't fit everything in a suitcase. In fact, you can't fit everything in a hotel room. It's all about making space and weight savings where you can. Compact travel gadgets are the ticket. Things such as the 10-in-1 Multi-Tool card fits in your wallet taking up literally no space and is sure to come in handy frequently during the course of the trip. Similarly, something such as the Smartphone Induction Speaker will take up next to no room and will transform your phone into a sound system. Perfect for on the beach when you want to get the music happening.


It's time to talk toiletries, one of the ultimate travel essentials and an ideal travel gift. Keeping all your toiletries in one, compact place is a must when travelling. Things such as the Carzor, a credit card sized razor for shaving would no doubt be extremely useful when on the road. We've also got a range of stylish wash bags that will slot into your backpack or suitcase without taking up too much room at all. Another thing you may have to encounter when travelling is doing some laundry. Perhaps you are staying in a hotel that takes care of that for you, but perhaps you will have to take care of it yourself. The World Map Travel Bag is the perfect way to carry your dirty laundry to the laundromat.

Planning and Communication Gifts For Travellers

Once there was a time where travel was done the old fashioned way with maps and books and landlines, but like everything in life it's all about the mobile now. Keeping your mobile charged and connected is a vital part of travelling. One of our mobile travel gadgets, cords or adaptors is sure to be handy on the holiday. The My Travel Scratch map will be perfect for an intrepid traveller as they will be able to scratch off the destinations they have been and which are still left to explore. Gifts for people who love travelling do not get more perfect than this.

Packing, Packing, Packing

One of the fine arts involved with travel is perfectly packing your bag. There is a fine line between not enough, and too much. One thing that every traveller will experience when on their trip is weight limits when on aircraft. That's why it is super important to weigh your bag before getting to the airport or you will be forced to shed stuff out of your luggage. Nobody wants this to happen to them! Our compact digital luggage scales are the perfect solution so you can make sure your bags are under the 20 kilo or 5 kilo carry on limit every time. When it comes to gifts for people who love travel, then this is right up there.

To help you make the best possible decision, we have compiled what we think are the

Top 10 Best Travel Gifts:

1) Travel Poker Set - Perfect bit of light entertainment when you're stuck in transit

2) Mobile Phone Lantern Attachable Light - Perfect if you're travelling at night

3) Can-Do Compact Can Opener - You might be on a budget and need to eat some canned food while on your trip. This compact can opener will let you crack cans to your heart’s content whilst taking up minimal space

4) Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist Book - Only a small portion of your time is actually spent travelling, the rest of it is spent dreaming about travel in wonderment.

5) Explorer 4-in-1 Adjustable Head Torch - These things can literally be a lifesaver when travelling, who knows when it is going to come in handy?

6) Joseph Joseph 'GoEat' Travel Cutlery Set - Never get caught without anything to eat with. This travel cutlery set will have your back at all times

7) Nite Ize Moonlight LED Area Light - Perfect for perusing maps or reading in the dark

8) Carzor Portable Razer - As mentioned earlier, a lifesaver

9) It's My Bag Luggage Tags - Make sure your bags and suitcases go with you wherever you do, and in the event that they're lost, you'll easily be able to get them returned

10) Digital Luggage Scale - You don't want to go over the limit! One of the ultimate of travel gifts

Travel Gifts for Men

It's fair to say that most of our travel related gifts are unisex because let's face it a lamp is useful for a man and a woman. Though the poker set is pretty blokey, and we also have a compact Whiskey flask that could be just the thing for a long train trip. The 10-in-1 Multi-Tool is also a bit of a man's man travel gift.

Travel Gifts for Her

Anything could suit her! The sky's the limit when it comes to finding travel gifts for her. Whether it's your mum, sister or wife that you're looking to buy a gift for, you'll find something at Yellow Octopus.

It doesn't matter whether the trip is 3 days, a week or a year, you're going to need some travel gifts for the globetrotter.