<span style="font-weight: 400;">The best wedding gifts are unique. You can discover heaps of cool and quirky wedding gifts right here. Aussie newlyweds adore them because they show you appreciate their uniquely remarkable relationship. So explore the best wedding gifts ideas, from Diamond Whiskey Tumblers to Romantic Magnetic poetry. Ready? Then throw the flowers, break the plates, and let’s find you an amazing wedding gift. </span>

Wedding Gifts

The best wedding gifts are unique. You can discover heaps of cool and quirky wedding gifts right here. Aussie newlyweds adore them because they show you appreciate their uniquely remarkable relationship. So explore the best wedding gif... Read More
The best wedding gifts are unique. You can discover heaps of cool and quirky wed... Read More

Wedding Gifts

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Wedding Gifts

The Best Unique Wedding Gifts Australia

The best wedding gifts are right here. What are they? Why do brides and grooms love them? How come they’re unforgettable? Scroll up and see for yourself, or keep reading and explore our guide to the best wedding present ideas down-under. Ready? Then break the glass, throw the flowers, and let’s go. 

What makes for great wedding gifts? They’re unique.

The best wedding gifts stand out. They’re memorable. Unforgettable. Why? Because the bride and groom receive piles and piles of wedding gifts—perhaps even hundreds. So if you buy another set of china plates, toaster, or vase; they won’t even remember who bought it for them in three months time. Really, another toaster isn’t what the bride and groom want. Sure, they might need a set of towels, but they’d be thrilled to get an amazing present that speaks to them personally. So what should you do? You’ve got to find a unique wedding gift, something no one else will buy them. Something personal to them. Something unique. That’s what makes the best wedding gift ideas. And you’ll find them all right here. 

The best wedding gift ideas 

Okay. So we’ve established that the best wedding gift ideas are unique. But what does that mean? What actually are unique wedding presents? Here are a few to start with: Diamond Whiskey Tumblers, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Welcome Home Door Mat, and A-Z Guides to Married Life: Husband & Wife. Getting an idea? The best ideas are completely original like an E.T. welcome mat, yet perfect for a new husband and wife. Here are some more ideas: Magnetic Poetry, The Never-Ending Congratulations Prank Card, and a 'Walter' Gold Art Deco Mirrored Drinks Trolley. For the complete range of unique gift ideas that the bride and groom will love—scroll up. 

The quirkiest wedding present ideas

At Yellow Octopus, we’re known for being a little quirky. Okay, a lot quirky. We have more than unique wedding gift ideas… some are truly quirky. Don’t believe us? Well, scroll up and take a look at the Medieval Knight Full Body Suit of Armour. Or the Giant Play on Words Wooden Board Game. Or the Friends "How You Doin'?" Doormat. So if you’re after something more than unique, something truly quirky, you’ll find it above. 

Why unique wedding gifts Australia? They’re worth a toast. 

Us Aussies are a bunch of laughter-loving-larrikins. And weddings are some of the best parties of our lives. So a unique wedding gift adds yet another layer to an already epic and unforgettable wedding day. So a fun and unique gift that’s 25,000 times better than another boring toaster? That’s worth a toast. Cheers. 

Everything you need to know about wedding gifts

If you find yourself humming Skyhooks, “All my friends are getting married”, you’re most likely about to embark on the hunt for the perfect wedding gifts. This is the real thing, a white wedding with all the frills and trappings. You need to come up with some awesome wedding present ideas. Don’t worry, we have a range of fun and unique wedding gifts the newlyweds will love. While couples receive many gifts on their wedding day, if you get them something unique, they’ll be sure to remember your awesome gift, and you, even on their 25th anniversary. Whether you’re after something sincere, sweet, or even silly, you’re sure to find the gift you’re looking for in our range of wedding gifts above.

What to wear to weddings?

We all know what the bride and groom wear, a white dress and black suit. But what about the guests? It’s not so clear cut - it all depends on what the invitation says.
If the invite says ‘white tie’ you know you’re going to the most formal of formal weddings. Maybe it’s for a Royal. Whoever is getting married at a ‘white tie’ wedding, there’s a strict dress code. For him? A tuxedo with a long black jacket and tails, as well as a white vest and bow tow. Wow. Fancy. And for her? A formal full-length ball gown.
If the invite says ‘black tie’, he better find himself a tuxedo with a black bow tie, while she better search for a cocktail dress or a long evening gown. This is very similar to a ‘formal’ wedding, although the man may wear a dark suit and tie if he prefers.
What about ‘cocktail attire’ dress code? That means a suit and tie for him and a cocktail dress for her. Simple.
Time to relax - your wedding has a ‘casual’ or ‘daytime’ dress code. He can wear dress pants with a button-down shirt while she can wear a summer sundress or pants with a nice top.

Buying wedding gifts from a wedding registry

Prior to the introduction of the registry, guests weren’t really expected to fork out for wedding gifts. Their presence was enough. Today gifts are a given. While thinking up the perfect presents can be difficult, some of the angst of having to come up with clever wedding gift ideas and wonderful wedding presents has been eliminated by the wedding registry.
Now people often think that wedding registries laden with wedding gifts for you to select from is a recent thing, but that’s not actually the case. Macy’s in America were the first to introduce the concept of the wedding registry for wedding presents in 1924. And surprise, surprise, the other major department stores quickly followed suit. Well-done Macy’s marketing department.
The most common wedding gifts were wedding presents of crystal, say a vase, silver, with cutlery sets being a big favourite and china. Of course the wedding china was considered so precious that it was brought out for only the most special of occasions, and so hardly saw the light of day. These days, couples ask for much more useful and fun gifts.
If your wedding invite comes with a wedding registry of potential wedding presents attached, follow these simple wedding registry rules: He/She who hesitates is lost. Don’t dither, put off or procrastinate. Go straight to the wedding registry and scan the wedding gifts suggested. Choose quickly. The wisest guests get in early and pick the a) most appropriate, b) best priced for their pocket and c) most appreciated wedding presents. Select the option to have your wedding gifts wrapped. Especially if you’re a single bloke. This needs no explanation. Select the option to have your wedding presents delivered to the bride and groom. This means one less hassle on the day. Failure to follow this advice will result in the best presents being snapped up immediately and you left choosing from either uninspiring wedding gift ideas, or presents with eye-popping prices.

The history of wedding gifts

History tells us the origins of wedding gift ideas began with the notion of a bride price or dowry that was paid to the bride’s family. The first recorded dowry being in 3000 BC. I’m sure modern families would say their daughter’s priceless, and no dowry could suffice.
This seemed to be the way of the world until the Renaissance period brought about young women being presented with an ornate marriage chest. Over time it evolved into the hope chest. You know, the chest in which young women began to keep items, like linen sheets and pillowcases. When her young suitor popped the question, wedding gifts she’d been given in anticipation of the big event were ready to help fashion their new home.
Today wedding gifts can be something fun or frivolous, but many gifts remain those that will help them furnish their home or start a family.

The current state of weddings in Australia

With 118,962 marriages a year in Australia, you’re a fair chance to be invited to a wedding. So creating a catalogue of wedding present ideas is smart. And if you’re going to shop for that new outfit just in case, Spring is our favourite season for weddings with November being our favourite month.
A challenge in the purchasing of wedding gifts is the changing landscape of those getting married. In 1974 in Australia, the average age of men getting married was 23.3 and for women 20.9. Wedding gift ideas would have been easy because they owned less than people own today. Today in Australia, the average age of men getting married is 29.9 and women 28.3. Much older. In addition to this, they’ve likely to have been cohabiting for a number of years prior to the wedding, making the buying of unique wedding gifts more challenging as they’ve already bought many items for their home. That said, 1 in 5 now marry for a second time. Now that really is a challenge.