Wine Markers

Wine Markers

Don't lose your wine glass (or your head) the next time you're drinking with the gals. These awesome wine markers will make sure each of you know exactly which wine is yours. No more "I'll just take this (way fuller) glass then", we don't want to hear "I think you'd ... Read More
Don't lose your wine glass (or your head) the next time you're drinking with the gals. These awesome wine marker... Read More

Wine Markers

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1. On average, Australians consume almost 30 litres of wine EACH every year. That's a lot of glasses to mark!

2. About 60% of the wine produced in Australia heads overseas. I guess we're not the only ones that love Aussie wine! That's around 2 million bottles each year.

3. But don't think we're sending all our best stuff overseas. 80% of the wine that retails on Australian soil is from here. Onya mate!

4. We might be a young country, but Australia actually has some of the oldest vineyards in the world. In the 1800's, European vineyards lost a lot of their vine to the phylloxera pest. Now you know why Australian quarantine laws are so strict!

5. An Aussie survey found that on average, women who drink two glasses of wine each night enjoy sex more than women who don't drink. Crack the bottle, let's go!

6. Because of the different seasons, wines produced in the Southern Hemisphere are often older than their label. If an Australian wine says 2010, it could actually have been produced six months before 2010 actually started! And you thought daylight savings was bad...

7. The most expensive bottle of Australian wine ever sold was back in 2012. It was the Penfold’s 2004 Kalimna Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon, and I hope every last drop was delicious because it sold for a whopping $168,000! I guess if the world was going to end, why not?

8. Do you have a friend that's saving a bottle for a special occasion... But nothing ever seems quite special enough? They won't shut up about how great that bottle is going to taste, but they also don't seem to want to open it? Those friends are known as "cork-teases".

9. British settlers were SO keen to get a drop of that good vino that they didn't even wait a full year before planting their first crop of grapevines! Just eight months after landing, they were already setting themselves up for a good time. 

10. The goon sack was invented by, you guessed it, an Aussie. A winemaker invented the Aussie party must-have based on the design used to transport battery acid. Which, coincidentally, is probably what it felt like when the goon came back up the next morning.