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    ICK Ceramic Coffee Mug

    D to the I to the C to the K... what does it spell?

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    • Novelty "ICK" coffee mug with D shaped handle

    • Great for those ICK people in your life

    • 9.5 cms high & perfect size for coffee

    • If you're tired of your job, buy it for your boss!

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    Does anyone you know just make you feel ...ICK?  I definitely know a few. Just your average, run-of-the-mill ICK-sters. Pen stealers. Food stealers. Hot water wasters. Slow pedestrian walkers. CYCLISTS. I could go on.... AND I WILL: Toilet paper non-replacers. All-round workplace wankers. People who cut you off. People who CAN'T DRIVE. 

    Well, we've developed this mug with those particular people in mind. Because they make us feel ICK, and we'd like them to know about it. 

    This is a quality ceramic coffee mug with a large, comfortable D-shaped handle that will fit perfectly into the hands of recipients of said cup. Or, if you're a self-confessed ICK... well, you know what to do. Hold it, loud and proud!


    • Fully functional coffee cup
    • Could also be used as a pen holder
    • Specially designed for those ICK people in your life
    • Fantastic strategically placed handle


    • Dimensions: 9.5 cms high
    • D-shaped handle
    • "ICK" printed on the cup
    • What does it spell? 

    Additional Information

    Label New
    Case Colour No


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