Here at Yellow Octopus, we scour the globe for all the very latest gadgets, toys, gifts, and games: searching high and low for products that are cool, inspirational, quirky, bizarre and downright fun!

We haul everything unique we find back to our Melbourne HQ: this is where all your orders are shipped from.

Check out our team mascot Olli to see his journey around the
world searching for cool products.  

Olli the Octopus: Maestro Magnifico

When it comes to normal octopi, they're usually only interested in finding tasty crayfish, swimming about, and picking their noses. Olli is no ordinary octopus. Olli has a vision and with the help of his loyal team he'll see it done. His vision is for Australians all over this land girt by sea to enjoy the world's coolest, craziest and quirkiest gifts, adding smiles to faces and laughter to homes. His dream has finally materialised and now everyone has access to Olli's collection of awesome doodads.

Bella: Princess Celestia

I wish I could tell you exactly what it is that Bella does, but that would impossible, seeing as she helps out with everything! From marketing solutions, to product buying, to making the best hot chocolate any cold octopus could wish for, this mother of two manages to juggle all this in her exceptionally capable hands. Now that’s girl power!

Peter: Mister Manners

Behind every successful Octopus there’s an expert in customer service, and standing right behind Ollie is Peter. He oversees our smiling staff members with care and dedication, always making sure that any visitors to our site are treated like the customer royalty that they are. An avid surfer and Melbourne local, Peter’s love for making people happy makes him a perfect fit at Yellow Octopus. He also supports Collingwood but we won’t hold that against him.

Matt: Marketing Maestro

It’s all very well and good having the absolute best gifts under the Australian sun, but word needs to get out to all potential Octopus aficionados about what our Cave of Wonders has to offer. Luckily, we have this flame-haired marketing maestro to make sure the name of Yellow Octopus is shouted from all the rooftops and heard through every grapevine. Matt is a magician at marketing matters and has spread the word of awesome gifts to every corner of Straya and beyond. His ideas just keep getting cooler and quirkier, so keep an eye out for exciting developments happening in the very near future!

Keith: Pixel Samurai Creative

Yes, we sell Magical Unicorn Bandages. Yes, they’re possibly one of the coolest things ever made. But how do we make sure everyone is aware of this? From making our products look awesome on our site, compiling our much loved newsletters or even designing our whole shopfront to creating magical videos, our graphic guru creative Keith, gives every product the platform it needs to shine. If it weren’t for him our website, blog and newsletters would look boring and bland and you’d never find out about our Unicorn bandages would you? Domo arigato, Mr Samurai.

April: The Read Woman

Priestess to the Lord of Write, April wields her wordsmith witchcraft across the lands of Yellow Octopus to conjure capital copy and content for its people. Products descriptions, blogs, newsletters and more; her sentence sorcery is the stuff of folklore. On occasion, she's even been known to use alphabet alchemy to bring whole pages back from the dead, For the Night is Dark and Full of Errors, but good copy burns them all away.

Kylie: Rainbow Dash

Kylie is one of the only people in the world where you can sense her smiling, even when she’s only sent an email. Along with the rest of the team, she looks after our customers over email, through online chat, and over the phone (it’s always nice being able to speak to a real human) with care and consideration. Weirdly, nothing ever gets this ball of bubbly energy down. Us guys at the office are starting to wonder if she puts anything into her morning coffee…

Sathish: Bean Counter

In our Yellow Octopus Warehouse of Wonders, we have over 4000 products sitting and patiently waiting to be bought by our prized customers. Looking after all that awesomeness takes a rather awesome man. Our Chief Bean Counter, Sathish, knows where every single one of his 4000 products is located (we tried testing him once… he still beat the computer even though we cheated). He and Derek make sure that we always have the best of the best immediately available for our customers and also watches over our diligent packing staff as they prepare everyone’s orders. Ain’t’ no bean Sathish hasn’t counted.

Charlie: Ink Whisperer

When it comes to making sure he looks as handsome as octopus-ly possible, there’s no one Ollie trusts more than Charlie. She’s our grand graphic artist, principal packer, wizened warehouse wanderer and she knows Ollie better than anyone at Yellow Octopus. Between her and our resident Pixel Samurai, they keep Ollie alive and swimming through our newsletters, blog and website. When armed with her stylus, there’s no artistic challenge too big or small our Ink Whisperer can’t manage.

Tom: Tom(b) Writer

Our wily wordsmith, Tom, is a key weaver of yarns and the chief storyteller at Octopus HQ. Tom writes words of wit and wisdom which can be read on Yellow Blogtopus. He also helps pen the praiseworthy product descriptions that help you decide what you feel like purchasing from us. Along with our Marketing Maestro, he helps brain storm and devise new plans for how to spread the name of Yellow Octopus to deserving Australians from Kakadu all the way to King Island.

Zak: Grandmaster Zash

When trouble goes down at Octopus HQ, from the small (oh no! We’ve misplaced our stock of vanishing underwear!) to the large (oh no! The dustbin’s on fire!), Zak is always the first to sort it out. And when any of our customers experience any major difficulties, he’ll sort out the issues in an instant. He’s the quick fixing, moustache growing, yo-yo spinning team member everyone loves to love.

Derek: Chief Troublemaker

He’s the Head Octopus, Big Kahuna, Chief Troublemaker… and this whole shindig is HIS fault! The desk of Derek is unlike anything you can imagine. It’s constantly covered in all manner of weird and wonderful gadgets and toys that he stringently pokes, prods and thoroughly tests before he’s happy for us to sell them. No one understands awesome quite like our fearless leader, which is why Yellow Octopus has become Australia’s number one source of fun.