High Steaks Father's Day Gift Hamper

Beer Lover Father's Day Gift Bundle

Ginspirational Hamper

Health Nut Gift Hamper

Winter Warmer Gift Hamper

Constantly Wired Gift Hamper

Glamorama Gift Hamper

Entertainer's Essentials Gift Hamper

Ladies Night$99.99

Lads Night Gift Hamper

Tea-rific Gift Hamper

Favourite Child Gift Hamper

The Pamper Hamper

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Gift Hampers Australia

Quality Hampers for All Occasions

High quality gift hampers delivered all around Australia. If you are looking for an exceptional gift for a special occasion then a hamper may be the perfect option. We obviously have a huge range of cheaper gifts available, but these might not be appropriate for a more special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, milestone birthday.

What about if you are looking for that perfect something that makes a statement at that slightly higher price point?
We have gift hampers at a range of different price points to suit the occasion you’re buying for. Need something around that $69 mark, one of our hampers containing 4-5 items would be perfect.
At the higher price point of $99 a hamper with 6-7 items is ideal.

Whether you’re looking for a hamper to commemorate a retirement, a beautiful gift for a wedding, or a milestone birthday there is a hamper at Yellow Octopus to suit all occasions.

Hampers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best gift hampers?

The best gift hampers are ones that have a great variety of content. It’s not just about the quantity of items in a gift basket, but the quality of those items! We source only the highest quality products to include in our hampers whether it be food, alcohol or giftware. The best gift hamper will depend on the recipient and the occasion. Some occasions call for a broader option that everyone would be happy with, hampers than include things like food and drink are perfect for such occasions. If you’re hunting for a

Top 5 BEST Hampers at Yellow Octopus:

1) Mother’s Day Gin Lovers Hamper
2) ‘Best Mum in The World’ Hamper
3) Brightest Star Mother’s Day Hamper
4) The Heartbreak Hamper
5) The Boss Mama Hamper

What should be included in a gift hamper?

Gift hampers can include a whole variety of different things. It’s all about variety when it comes to hampers – food products, champagne, beer, beauty & pamper, socks & giftware. Depending on the occasion hampers can include premium high value items or fun novelty stuff. Depending on your price range you can get a hamper with just a couple of products or with a bigger variety if you want to spend a bit more. Of course, one of the most important elements to a hamper is the packaging. You want to create that awesome first impression, a real ‘wow’ factor. That’s why Yellow Octopus hampers come with the highest quality boxes, creative designs and complimentary gift cards.

What should not be included in a gift hamper/gift basket?

Only your imagination limits what can be included in a hamper. Though we don’t suggest including rotten tomatoes! We craft our hampers with specific recipients in mind, so you won’t have to worry about what shouldn’t be included, we’ll include what we know works!

How long will my hamper take to arrive?

Yellow Octopus ships out all orders received before 2pm on the same business day! That means you will get your hamper lightning quick. Delivery times vary depending on where in Australia you are but generally standard shipping orders will get to most capital cities within a week (longer if you are rural or in W.A). There’s always the option of express shipping if you need something urgently which is 1-2 business days to all majour city centres. For more information on our shipping and delivery options please check out the shipping page.

Does Yellow Octopus offer returns on hampers?

Absolutely! Just like our happiness guarantee on all Yellow Octopus gifts, we offer a 180 return guarantee on all gift hampers. To find out more about our returns policy click here.

Are hampers good gifts?

Hampers can make great gifts for all occasions. It all comes down to selecting the right hamper for the right person. That’s why we offer a curated range of gift hampers for different occasions such as housewarming, moving out of home, milestone birthday or retirement. What sets Yellow Octopus hampers apart from the rest is our range of personality based hampers so you can align the gift hamper with the interests. Think ‘Constantly Wired’ for your uptight friend, or the ‘Always Late’ for that person who is always running 10 minutes behind schedule. What about ‘The Sensetive Soul’ perfectly crafted for that person with a warm heart, or ‘The Fiesty Firecracker’ for that person who is always losing their cool. We also have a selection of more generic hampers focussed around food and drink that are less specific and perfect for any person or occasion.

How do we select what goes into Yellow Octopus gift hampers?

Yellow Octopus selects only the highest quality food and drink items for our hampers. We rigorously test each product, to make sure they’re perfect. We also include tried and tested gifts from our extensive range which compliment the food and drink and really set our gift hampers apart.

The team here places a big focus on Australian made items, and really tries to support small, local businesses who are creating awesome things.

Does Yellow Octopus provide corporate and business hampers?

Yes! Whilst we have a great range of hampers that make for the perfect gift, if you are looking for something suitable for corporate gifting you have come to the right place. We are able to craft hampers specific to your business needs with volume discounts to boot. To find our more about our corporate hamper offering head to our Corporate Gifts page.

Does Yellow Octopus provide hampers for all price points?

We provide hampers that will fit in with anyone’s budget. Whether you’re looking to spend $69, $99 or over $100 we have the right hamper and the right price. If there’s nothing there that fits the bill, give us a call and we can talk about creating something bespoke.