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Micro Herbs Window Sill Planter Box Grow Kit - - Urban Greens - Yellow Octopus
Micro Herbs Window Sill Planter Box Grow Kit
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Silicone Glow In The Dark Wine Cup
Silicone Glow In The Dark Wine Cup
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Procrastination Pencils
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"I Don't Care" Ladies Socks
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Cat Walk Purrfect Ladies 6 Odd Socks Gift Set - - United Odd Socks - Yellow Octopus
Cat Walk Purrfect Ladies 6 Odd Socks Gift Set
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100 Movies to See Before You Die Advent-Style Poster - - Gift Republic - Yellow Octopus
100 Movies to See Before You Die Scratch Poster
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Infusion Food & Drink Smoker
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The size is perfectly pocket sized. The engraving was neat, tidy and the craftsman work is durable and wonderfully made. Was purchased as a gift to my daughters stepdad with the words “daddy” on it and it was perfect.


Personalised Timber Beer Caddy - Tree Design - Best gift for Father’s Day, he loved it

- Tori

Reviewed Personalised Wood BBQ Condiment Caddy - Saucy Design - Beautiful wood and the personalisation made this a special gift for a BBQ mad dad.

- Anne

Reviewed Personalised Brown Leather Passport Cover - My husband and I have matching passport covers. Great for when/if the international borders open again. Meanwhile awesome passport protector.

- Trish

Unique Gifts For Women | Gift Guide For Her


All the special women in our lives deserve to be spoiled, which is Olli the Octopus and co. have put this nifty guide together. When it comes to gifts for her in Australia, many take the easy option – flowers, chocolates or perfume. Look, they’re all great, but sheesh, show some originality! You don’t want good gift ideas for women; you want great gift ideas for women... and that’s where we come in!


Make sure those important women in your life know that you really care with a gift from Yellow Octopus. Our extensive range of gift ideas for women means you’re covered no matter the occasion. We also offer speedy delivery to everywhere in Australia, so you can be sure to receive all your thoughtful gifts for her in time for her big day.


We have some great gift ideas for every woman in your life, ranging from wellness and beauty gifts to gift ideas for all the crazy cat loving ladies! you know and love! Whether it's your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your best friend, or that horrid lady in accounting whom you've managed to get as your Kris Kringle - if you need to find the perfect gift for her, you’ll have much luck by browsing through our extensive and specially-curated collection above.


We’ve got great unique gift ideas for women who are original, fun and quirky at every price range. We're also adding fantastic new gifts daily, so you have the best chances of finding something truly special that’ll make her go "Awwwwwwww!". And you can even add a Personalised Greeting Card to her gift for a truly special touch!


Top 10 Gift Ideas For Her


Need a few pointers to help you find the ultimate gift for her? Thankfully, Olli’s done what he does best and provided us with his top ten favourite gift ideas for women from all walks of life. These ten fantastic gifts for her are sure to stand out from the crowd of perfume gift boxes and other generic gifts for women that she’s more than likely got stacked up high in her attic.


Prepare to feast your eyes upon our definitive list of the best gifts for her, as selected by Olli the gift-giver extraordinaire himself:


1. Heat Feet Microwavable Slippers for Women


You can never be too cosy, especially on weekend mornings or on rainy days off that call for a little extra personal TLC. If you want to get a gift for her off-duty daydream mode, then these Heat Feet Microwavable Slippers are sure to keep her warm and comfy as she floats around the house without a care in the world. Just pop them in the microwave alongside a Fantastic Fruit Heat Pack to guarantee luxurious levels of comfort.


2. Travel Scratch Map of the World


Does your gift recipient have a serious case of wanderlust? Is she in the process of planning her next big trip away, after seemingly having only just gotten back from her last vacation? Is she a fan of weekends away and an avid collector of airline towelettes, tourist brochures, and sand from all the beaches she’s run across in all her many travels. Then a perfect gift for her could definitely be this Travel Scratch Map of the World. Give her another little way to fondly remember all the many adventures she’s had.


3. Magical Unicorn Odd Socks - Ladies


There are fewer gifts that are funner to receive than a pair of fun and funky socks. Well what about three pairs? And what if they’re all made to be mixed and matched? This pair of six unicorn-themed socks actually feature none with the same pattern, allowing your lucky gift recipient to pair different socks together in a manner that suits her best. If she’s an avid supporter of odd socks, then this little bundle is sure to be a great gift for her.


4. Urban Greens Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Kit


If you’re looking for a gift for her that’ll support some New Year’s Resolutions, then this particular gift idea may just take the (tea) cake. Is she looking to reduce her caffeine intake? Opt for herbal tea instead! Is she looking to do a little more gardening this year? Grow your own herbal tea! Is she aiming to implement wellness or self-care routines? Herbal tea is integral to this! Must we say more?


5. Floating Beach Wine Glass


If you’re looking for a beautiful and practical gift for her, then look no further than our Floating Beach Wine Glass. Fitted with a funky spike for easily securing drinks during picnics, this baseless wine glass is the ultimate summertime drinking buddy. But what makes it a ‘floating beach wine glass’? Well, the fact that it actually floats too, allowing you to keep your drinks happy and buoyant at your next pool party!


6. Emotional Rescue Chocolate Bar


Even the strongest women deserve a little support when they need it the most, and everyone knows the best source of support in trying times is indeed some good quality chocolate. This Emotional Rescue Chocolate Bar can be saved for a rainy day or simply devoured on the spot if it’s been given as a gift for her next major milestone birthday. Note, however, that if it’s the big 4-0, she deserves to have a lot more cocoa than this!


7. Set of 3 Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Bookends


The only gift worthy of any Khaleesi! If you’ve got a fierce woman in your life who also happens to be a lover of fantasy, then this is likely to be the best gift for her not just in this list of top ten gifts for her, but also across the entirety of our collection here at Yellow Octopus. These gorgeous Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Bookends are also officially licensed Game of Thrones merch, making it the perfect gift for any die-hard GoT fan.


8. Mad Millie Make Your Own Cheese Kit


We promise that this won’t be an overly cheesy gift, well at least in some ways but not so much in others. Have a wine and cheese fiend on your hands? What about a woman who lives for charcuterie boards? These Mad Millie Make Your Own Cheese Kits come in three different set options, so you can choose the set that aligns best with her favourite cheeses, making it the ultimate gift for a woman with refined taste.


9. What I Love About You By Me Fill in the Blanks Journal


Add a more personal touch to your gift for her this year by gifting her this truly touching ‘What I Love About You, By Me’ fill in the blanks-style journal. Not only can this particular gift idea act as a long-lasting keepsake that she can find on her bookshelf whenever she feels the urge to read through your words of love and adoration, but it’ll also act as a snapshot in time of your relationship, making it the perfect gift to preserve all the excitement and infatuation of any budding romance or blossoming friendship. If you’ve got a lover of all the little joys in life to shop for, then this journal may just be the perfect gift for her.


10. Stainless Steel 1.2L Teapot With Infuser


There’s nothing quite like receiving a stunning teapot as a gift. These gift items are just always such a treat to unwrap and to use for the first time. Teapots have a knack for being our most beloved kitchen appliances. In fact, they’re so much more than that. They’re brewers of comfort and warmers of tired hands. This is an ideal gift for all women who value winding down on quiet nights.


Unique Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything!


At Yellow Octopus we have gifts for all types of women, no matter where their interests lie. If you’re on the hunt for gifts for your mum, sister, grandma or girlfriend then we’ve got plenty of great gift ideas for her right here.


With a huge range of homewares, kitchenware, bar and glassware, and plenty of stuff for leisure and outdoor living too, there's guaranteed to be a gift that will light up that lady’s heart. Find something interesting and keep mum guessing for Mother's Day, grab your sister something cool for her birthday, or what about something full of love for your girlfriend for that special anniversary.


If it’s Christmas gift ideas for girlfriends you’re after, then you’ve hit the jackpot. If you are looking for unusual gifts for women, then look no further. If you’ve got a birthday coming up and need gift ideas for female friends or it’s nearing the December period and you’re after Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend, mother, aunts, or coworkers, then the best presents for all of those women and more can be found right here.


We have thoughtful gifts for her, funny gifts and cool presents of all descriptions including homewares, home décor, prints & art, kitchen accessories and just about anything else you can think of. So whether it’s gifts for mum you’re searching for or special gift ideas for women under 30 that you need, our range is both extensive and impressive and will be sure to deliver.

Gift Ideas For Women In Australia


Not every woman is the same. Some are bookworms, some are sporty, some are practical jokers and some are just a mix of everything. That’s why we cover a diverse spectrum of personalities with our product range so that we can ensure that we have great gift ideas for women of all shapes, tastes, and sizes. If you're trying to find something for a foodie, then there's plenty of stuff for her. Someone more sporty? No problem at all.


Our great new ‘gift finder’ tool allows you to sort products by occasion or personality so you can hit the nail on the gift giving head every time. Birthday presents for mum: tick. Christmas gifts for girlfriend: tick. Mother’s Day gift ideas: you betcha. Unique gift ideas for female friends: oh yep. Special gifts for her are in fact, one of our specialties. And funny gifts and thoughtful gifts are just stock standard in our repertoire.


The best thing is that we think outside the square so that you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on stocking Australia’s coolest gifts, gadgets, and toys. That means that there are always unusual gifts for her which you may not have even thought of! There are also even special gifts for her when the situation calls for you to pull out the big guns, including Valentine's gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, and of course, Christmas presents for her that will surely land you a kiss under the mistletoe this year.


Some of our most popular items might give you an idea of what the best gift ideas for women are. For example, the Wine Glass Bottle is always one of our most popular funny gifts or gift ideas for women under 30, the Cool Bananas Oven Mitt is one of our best presents for mum, our Poo Pourri Toilet Spray range is one of the more unusual gifts that we stock, but it definitely works!


We’ve got a few kinky, cheeky and love filled products that make perfect Valentine’s gifts for women from all walks of life. And then there are a lot of great gift ideas for women that are suitable for any other occasion under the sun.l Bananas Oven Mitt is one of our best presents for mum, our Poo Pourri Toilet Spray range is one of the more unusual gifts that we stock, but it definitely works!


Birthday Gifts For Her


It doesn't matter how old she's turning, whether it's a milestone birthday or one in between, you're sure to find the perfect birthday gifts for her at Yellow Octopus. Men are born with an innate ability to watch sport, drink beer and grow beards. But let’s face it, when it comes to romantic gift ideas, men need help. Let’s look at some birthday gifts she’ll love.


Love Coupons IOU! We can’t always read women’s minds. Okay, we can never tell what they’re thinking. This is a gift that removes that issue. The direct IOU coupons remove the uncertainty and tell you exactly what she wants. There’s no need to read subtle hints and cues anymore. Everybody wins.


Let’s think about romantic things women appreciate. Candles? Definitely. Flipping people off? Undoubtedly. “Hand”-crafted gifts? No question. They are all great gifts on their own. But imagine if you put them all together. It would be like a super awesome special gift. That’s exactly what we did. You can give her a Handmade F*ck You Candle: the ultimate three-in-one gift!


Remember gentleman, finding the perfect gifts for her on her birthday, for Christmas, or for Valentine’s Day, are all important moments for you. Do the job right, and find her a gift or two that’ll be sure to show her how much she means to you.