Olli's Story

Life of Olli



Olli always knew he was far different (and somewhat superior) to the other sea creatures that lived among the tropical coral reefs in the big blue....

Olli loved wading  and cruising along the ocean floor, playing solo soccer (when the right sized sea anemone showed up), and especially enjoyed kicking back  in his lair with his stereo blasting out funky tunes; watching the busy underwater world outside his window.

But something wasn’t right. Olli was lonely. Olli became sad.

So he decided to do the bravest thing an Octopus can do... He packed up his iPod, his favourite headphones and headed for the beach.... and unfortunately we caught him in our fishing net.

But don’t worry!

We saved Olli (but not before he sprayed black ink over the entire crew on our fishing charter) dried him off, bought him a new iPod and gave him a job as our Brand Ambassador.

Now Olli lives in a secret lair within Melbourne’s Docklands, cruising around the suburbs and city laneways making friends wherever he goes.

Olli enjoys partying and loves meeting new people so be sure to say hi if you see him. This stylish cephalopod is a slick partner on the dance floor and you would be too if your signature move involved swivelling eight legs and flying through the air (we call it the crazy eight).

Olli’s story has a happy ending thankfully as he travels the world searching for the quirkiest and most amazing gadgets for YellowOctupus.com.au and forming new friendships across the globe.

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 Olli Octopus