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Gifts By Personality

Yellow Octopus’s Gift Finder makes it dead easy to browse gift ideas and match the right gift to the right person. Sometimes age and gender just aren’t enough to go on when it comes to selecting the right gift. With the gift finder you can find product groupings based on common personality types. We’ve carefully curated the gifts each personality category so they’re sure to match up exactly.

There are 19 different personality types including the ‘Animal Lover’, ‘Globe Trotter’ and ‘MasterChef’. Looking for a gift for your brother who’s a bit of a party animal? Or are you in search for the perfect Christmas gift for Mum and know she’s a certified workaholic? Maybe you are hunting for a friend’s birthday present and hey he’s a total couch potato.

It’s easy to browse by personality with the Yellow Octopus gift finder!



Animal Lover: Pet dogs, pet cats, pet monkeys, pet slews. You name it, this person loves it. Pets are allowed to sleep on the bed. They donate all of their money to RSPCA. They love animals more than humans.

Big Kid: This person just hasn’t grown up. They’re 40 going on 7. They’re a bit childish but you still love them.

Control Freak: Wow, OCD!! Totally anal. Literally can’t let anything fly without some input.

Cool: Got a trendsetter in your life? They’re cool as a cucumber and all about being seen in all the right places.

Couch Potato: Popcorn. Feet up. Season after season. Movie after movie. DVDs, BluRays, VHS, whatever they can get their hands on. Serious connoisseurs of TV.

Designer: This person is all about style. Personal style, style in the home, designer tastes and brands that matter.

Funny: This one is a purveyor of LOLS, a clown, a true gagster, practical joker. He or she has you in stitches, ROFLing all over the place on the reg.

Geek: Maths whizz. Computer genius. Science master. Lover of all things Star Trek and Star Wars, Comics and Superheroes.

Globe Trotter: This intrepid traveller is always hopping from country to country, continent to continent in search of the next big adventure.

High Flyer: For that person who enjoys the finer things in life. Perhaps a fine malt whiskey, some cutting edge art or some fine home décor.

Hipster: Piccolo lattes, fixie bikes and craft beers are this person’s jam. They’re a little bit quirky, a little unique and oozing with confidence.

Master Chef: You can’t get this one out of the kitchen. Whether it’s whipping up a batch of delicious sconnes or stirring a pot of delicious stew, chopping, whisking or sifting – they’d sleep In the oven if they could.

Party Animal: Always cranking up the music at inappropriate times, dancing on the table and spiking the punch, this wild one is pretty hard to pin down.

Retro: Still rocking a pair of flares and some ray ban aviators and loves spinning a Velvet Underground vinyl on the record player.

Romantic: It’s Valentine’s Day all year round for this person. They’re all about love hearts, flowers and poetry.

Tree Hugger: Woodstock ’69 man, that’s where it’s at! This is your environmentally minded hippie who’s all about protecting the natural beauty of the Earth.

Sporty: Always going for jog even when it’s cold outside, cycling in the rain, swimming in the pool or ocean. Mad AFL supporters and in to the cricket, netball, basketball. You name it if it moves fast, involves a bat or a ball, they’re all over it.

Weird: This person wears their undies on the outside, walks around with their shoes on the wrong feet, they’re just that little bit different!

Workaholic: We all know one of these. Just can’t get them away from their desk. Early mornings, long nights until their eyes pop out of their heads.