A Unique, COVID-Safe and Eco Friendly Ride Share Initiative. Reducing Australia's Carbon Footprint One Hop At A Time.


A New Way To Explore and Experience Our National Gems And Destinations


Thanks to the generosity of the Commission of Unified National Tourism led by Hon. Minister Hugh Jassel.
The Hopventures Travel Voucher Scheme will provide eligible residents an incentive to try and explore the new way of natural and covid-safe transportation.

Launching at 10 of the 13 destinations (16 Roo Rider destiantions total!) covered by the government's tourism initiative, including
Cairns, Alice Springs, Uluru, Gold Coast*, Mooloolaba, Launceston, Broome, Melbourne*
and of course... Kangaroo Island!

Explore Australia the True Blue way...
On a ROO!

Register for a Roorider travel voucher to spend on your All Aussie Adventure now!

*trialling RooRider's Traffic Trek program to reduce congestion and emission in busy cities

RooRider... First Of It's Kind!

RooRider is the ultimate Aussie experience!

This brand new tourism opportunity is about to become one of the most iconic Australian experiences on our little home island. You may have dived in the Great Barrier Reef, you might’ve climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge… But did you ride a roo?

Saddle up for the ultimate Aussie Adventure! Try a leisure ride in one of our many locations around the country. Whether you’re riding for pleasure or for work, Roo Rider is here to make your Aussie experience more fun, educational and authentic.

What are you waiting for?!

RooRider Aussie Hopventure Rides

Wanting a true blue experience while you’re Down Under? Check out our Aussie Hopventure rides!

Saddle up a roo and go for a ride in a classic picturesque Australian location. From Sydney’s Blue Mountains to gorgeous Kangaroo Island to the red sand of Uluru, we have 16+ locations Australia-wide. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the real outback, there’s a location within a one hour drive of most major cities in Australia.

It’s the true Aussie way. We provide all the equipment including a saddle & helmet, and our bush guides will take you for the trip of a lifetime. Our private tour options are great for daredevils – get a real feel for the speed and height these incredible animals can get! A great way to learn about some of Australia’s most iconic fauna.

Scroll down to book your exciting Aussie Adventure or contact your travel agent to add it to your itinerary.


RooRider Benefits And Facts

  • Eco friendly Covid-safe solution for congested streets and public transport.
  • Cost effective natural alternative to cars, trams and scooters.
  • Travel fast with up to 60 km/h on Kangaroo designated lanes.
  • Hop on and off anywhere.
  • Our Kangaroos are trained to hop back to their stations.
  • Kangaroos understand simple command directions.
  • Stay connected with nature in the busy city life.
  • Kid and pet friendly.

How It Works

Book in your time or request the service and one of our Rider Roo’s will pick you up. Scan the QR code on the saddle to check in and strap yourself in for the ride of your life! If you’re feeling a bit nervous, you can book to be picked up from the RooRider HQ in each location where an assistant will help you get sorted out.
The Roo Pal will stop at your chosen destination and allow you to dismount before hopping off to their next ride. There is an emergency end function on each RooRider for your safety, but at this stage we are unable to change the destination during your ride. Stay tuned – we are working on this technology and training now!
Book in your Aussie Hopventure at one of our incredible destinations today at the link below. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment! You’ll also find the app to download for our urban Traffic Trek program. Book ahead of time or download the app to use the service on-the-go!
Please note: COVID-19 measurements vary by location. Please read your booking confirmation carefully to ensure you experience a COVID-safe journey.


Community, Animal and Environmental Care

We are passionate about the wellbeing of the planet and the wonderful people and animals that live here. That’s why we wanted to find an idea that has a positive and educational relationship with all of these things.

Don’t worry about our friendly kangaroos. Each roo participating in the program goes through comprehensive training to make sure they’re up to the physical challenge and well behaved for passenger safety. On initial trials we carefully monitored the physical health and happiness of each roo to ensure this program could be performed ethically. We found the kangaroo’s posture actually improved and their behaviour shows increased mental health – everyone wins!

We’ve taken care to prioritise Roorider experiences in places trying to overcome the devastation of the 2020 bushfires and 2021 floods, which is why our first locations include Kangaroo Island and Mallacoota. It’s an opportunity to draw important tourism back to these areas while teaching people about the wonderful flora and fauna our firies worked hard to save.



Angelo Brilliotolli

"Coming to Australia it was like a dream come true! This is Australia, this is life!"

Samantha Conwell

"I was afraid at first, but then I tried it and now it's part of my daily commute, without leaving a big carbon footprint! Can't recommend enough!"


Call: 1800-ROO-RIDE (1800 766 7433)

Email: bookings@roorider.com.au for Aussie Hopventures