Roo Rider is the ultimate Aussie experience!


This brand new tourism opportunity is about to become one of the most iconic Australian experiences on our little home island. You may have dived in the Great Barrier Reef, you might’ve climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge… But did you ride a roo?


Saddle up for the ultimate Aussie Adventure! Try a leisure ride in one of our many locations around the country. Whether you’re riding for pleasure or for work, Roo Rider is here to make your Aussie experience more fun, educational and authentic.


What are you waiting for?!

Roorider Aussie Adventure Rides

Wanting a true blue experience while you’re Down Under? Check out our Aussie Adventure rides!


Saddle up a roo and go for a ride in a classic picturesque Australian location. From Sydney’s Blue Mountains to gorgeous Kangaroo Island to the red sand of Uluru, we have 16+ locations Australia-wide. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the real outback, there’s a location within a one hour drive of most major cities in Australia.


It’s the true Aussie way. We provide all the equipment including a saddle & helmet, and our bush guides will take you for the trip of a lifetime. Our private tour options are great for daredevils – get a real feel for the speed and height these incredible animals can get! A great way to learn about some of Australia’s most iconic fauna.


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Community, Animal and Environmental Care

We are passionate about the wellbeing of the planet and the wonderful people and animals that live here. That’s why we wanted to find an idea that has a positive and educational relationship with all of these things.


Don’t worry about our friendly kangaroos. Each roo participating in the program goes through comprehensive training to make sure they’re up to the physical challenge and well behaved for passenger safety. On initial trials we carefully monitored the physical health and happiness of each roo to ensure this program could be performed ethically. We found the kangaroo’s posture actually improved and their behaviour shows increased mental health – everyone wins!


We’ve taken care to prioritise Roorider experiences in places trying to overcome the devastation of the bushfires, which is why our first locations include Kangaroo Island and Mallacoota. It’s an opportunity to draw important tourism back to these areas while teaching people about the wonderful flora and fauna our firies worked hard to save.


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