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    Baby Shower Gifts

    The home of Australia's best baby shower gift ideas. Put yourself into contention for god-mother or god-father with something that really stands out! 

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    Baby Shower Gifts for New Mums and Bubs

    Is that good friend's baby shower creeping up? You've had close to 9 months to plan a baby shower gift but remain empty handed because you just can't find that perfect something? Don't worry it happens. It's hard to find something for a little person who isn't even born yet. Which is why you stumbled across the right mob for the job. Once you browse our range of baby shower gift ideas, you'll have something picked out in no time! Find stuff that is specifically for baby boys and also stuff for baby boys and of course the majority of our baby shower gift range is gender neutral so it's perfect for anyone.

    What is a baby shower?

    Baby showers aren't a new thing, they have been around for an eternity in some form or another, even if not going by the same exact name. Generally speaking a baby shower is party held by the mother who is expecting a baby. This party is a celebration of the woman becoming a mother and the arrival of new life into the world. Traditionally, it is customary at the baby shower celebration for the guests to bring baby shower gifts.

    Sometimes these gifts are for the child such as plush toys and clothes, but equally as popular are gifts to make the new parent's life easier after the birth of their first child. A lot of the equipment required for rearing babies is very costly and therefore the baby shower gives the opportunity for friends and family to come with gives that help lighten the load. Things such as cots, prams and other baby equipment are quite common.

    In times gone by it has been much more common for baby showers to be a predominantly female centric event, usually with the expectant mother and her girlfriends and female family members. 

    However, the nature of a baby shower has undergone much change is recent years in a more progressive and gender neutral society. It is now not uncommon for men to attend the baby shower and in fact often it has become much more of a laid back affair with a much broader selection of guests attending. And lets face it, the more people who come to your baby shower, the more gifts you end up with!

    Why is it called a baby shower?

    There is no actual washing involved at a baby shower! The term 'shower' simply comes from the expression 'to shower with gifts'. In this way it is very similar to a bridal shower. That's why you can't rock up to a baby shower empty handed. *Nudge Nudge* you better start checking out those baby shower gift ideas!

    When is a baby shower held?

    The most common timing for a baby shower is when the expecting mother is heavily pregnant, usually 1 or 2 months before the due date of the birth. Many people may not have had the chance to catch up with the new mum since she has been pregnant, so this is a great chance for them to see the baby bump, and it they're lucky - feel the baby kick!

    What happens at a baby shower?

    It is common for a baby shower to be a morning or afternoon tea. Many of the attendees may be new parents themselves and so something that is kid friendly is usually preferred. It can also be in the form of a stand up party with canapes. Usually there is a lot of fun games at the baby shower. Stuff like guessing the babies weight or everyone bringing in a photo of themselves when they were a baby and then guessing who is which baby in the photo.

    Tips for throwing A Cool Baby Shower:

    1) Go absolutely nuts on the balloons! If there is one occasion to go wild on balloons it's a baby shower.

    2) Theme some finger food around new life

    3) Kahlua and Milk's could be great drinks given the ironic nature

    4) Make An Entrance to remember. Make sure as soon as guests arrived they are blown away with the decorations

    5) Incorporate fun games an activities to make it a day to remember!

    How can I choose the perfect baby shower gift?

    Trying to select the right thing can be extremely difficult, especially for those without kids because they have absolutely no experience when it comes to what you need. Does that sound familiar? Others may have already had babies so they are better equipped to come up with a list of baby shower gift ideas, generally things that they found useful after the baby was born. 

    When selecting a gift for a baby shower it is important to keep the following things in mind:

    1. Do you know the gender of the baby? A lot of stuff for babies is gender neutral these days but it's always handy to know who you are buying for.
    2. Is there a baby shower gift registry? Many mums choose to have a gift registry to help people make a choice and also highlight the stuff they really need. They don't really want to end up with 67 cots! If there is a gift registry available, feel free to choose something from there. Also, if you want to get something with your own personal twist, then don't feel you have to be tied to getting something on the registry. 
    3. Work out whether you are going to go with something that is highly practical or something that is a bit more fun and frivolous. 
    4. Consider teaming up with a few friends to chip in for something of higher value
    5. If getting baby clothes as a gift, keep in mind that babies grow quickly, really quickly. They'll race through the different sizes. If you co-ordinate with friends you can get things like jumpsuits in a range of sizes for when the baby develops 
    6. Consider thinking completely outside the box! At Yellow Octopus, our range of baby shower gift ideas are both quirky and unique. A bottle or dummy might be practical, but it's also pretty boring. Just like when you get any sort of gift, if it is something you've put a lot of thought into then that's better than something that is quite generic 

    Here's our Top 5 Selection of Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    1. Cute Koala Baby Jumpsuit - What could be cuter than a newborn baby dressed up as a little Koala? Complete with a hooded bonnet with fluffy koala ears. So, so, cute!
    2. Baby Bib Bow Tie - This is a super-affordable baby shower gift idea if you are on a tight budget.
    3. Our Precious Pooper: A Brutally Honest Journal of Baby's First Few Years - This novelty book injects and bit of fun and humour into the whole baby affair. Often having your first child can be really scary and daunting, this will help the new parents lighten up
    4. Batman & Superman Baby Superhero Onesies - These are really awesome. You want those babies to grow up to be superheroes don't you?
    5. The Baby Owners Manual - The perfect gift for parents to be. This tongue in cheek book provides and light-hearted and funny run down of everything required to operate this new, complicated human that has just appeared 

    Baby Shower Planning & Party Ideas

    Often it is not the new mother who plans the baby shower, but a close friend. Have you been nominated as the person in charge for a close friends baby shower? These helpful resources may help you out when planning the perfect baby shower soiree.

    Check out these 31 finger food recipes, fun decorating ideas and party themes from Country Living.

    Get some great inspiration on baby showers from Pinterest

    Find heaps of information and expert advice on baby shower activities, planning and etiquette from Baby Center. 

    And, of course, Australia's own baby tour de force Kidspot has these 20 Baby Shower Ideas to help you out.