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    YolkFish: Egg Yolk Fish Separator

    Peleg Design
    This Yolk Fish has egg separating powers that will disable your shell-to-shell-yolk-juggling.

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    • Easy to clean

    • Shell free cooking

    • Great novelty gift

    • Made from food-safe silicone

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    Not to be mistaken for a Pokemon (see: Goldeen), this Yolk Fish has egg separating powers that will disable your shell-to-shell-yolk-juggling. Treat the yolk as fish food, bring the fish's mouth down to the yolk, squeeze the fish, gently bring its mouth to the yolk, release to swallow yolk and squeeze again to release. Done! Gulp, gulp gulp!


    • Easy to clean
    • Shell free cooking
    • Great novelty gift
    • Made from food-safe silicone

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    No one wants an ugly photo frame, socks, or boring pen this Kris Kringle! Make your colleague smile this year with a funny gift from us...all for under $25! So you can get something that fits the price range, but is also cool! Use our 'Gift Finder' to generate kris kringle ideas so that the choice is easy. 

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    Many people do not know that Kris Kringle is actually another name for Santa. This ellusive, bearded man has many non de plumes such as 'Father Christmas' and 'Santa Christmas'. The name Kris Kringle is not used much any more to refer to Santa and has become synonymous with the gift exchange programs used by workplaces around the globe.  Santa who was actually popularised by Coca-Cola, was actually a Saint in traditional folklore - Saint Nicholas. But perhaps, Santa's most notable appearance under the KK name came in the 1947 film 'Miracle on 34th St' where Kris Kringle was used as the name of the Santa Claus character. The classic film directed by George Seaton was remade in 1994 with Richard Attenborough playing the Kris Kringle chraracter. 

    Kris Kringle exchanges have taken workplace gift giving into the 21st century and take away the awkward moment where some people receive gifts and others don't. It's also heaps of fun getting someone to buy something for who's completely random. Kris Kringle is the name used in Australian and Canadian tradition based on the Western Tradition of the Secret Santa. This gift exchange, originally deriving from Christian tradition has many different names all over the world but derives etymology from the term Christkindl. For example, in Austria it is referred to as a Kris Kindel which refers to the 'gift bringer' and in the Phillippines as a Monito-Monita which refers to the 'three kings', whilst in Southern America it is referred to as the Pollyanna. All of these terms refer to the Christmas 'gift bringer'. Though it doesn't matter what you call it, the premise is the same: an exchange of gifts over the festive Christmas Period. 

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